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  1. Thanks for the input. I kind of anticipated Fred H.'s response, but I don't have any specific patterns in mind. I figured that I should start with some basics that would give me the skills I would need on more difficult patterns. The supplies I got are for 3 different caddis patterns and from my amatuer perspective it seems as if they are cheap...the thread breaks often, and the hackle, dubbing, and fur seem brittle. I've used up about everything I've got and once the shop gets electricity back (I'm in Houston so only a few places have electricity after Ike...house excluded) I plan to go in and get some better thread, different hook sizes, and I guess some materials for clousers, wooly buggers, and other "all-purpose" flies. P.S. -- Nomad, I like your signature...check out the link to Thoreau's lecture where that oft-quoted line comes from...I think it sums up why we fish!! http://www.ecotopia.org/ehof/thoreau/walking.html
  2. I just started tying my own flies using a Dynaking Kingfisher vise. I love the vice, but the materials that came with the package are budget. I'd like some advice on the best thread, hooks, hackle, etc--for saltwater patterns and freshwater too--so when I go into the shop I have some idea of the best bang for my buck. Anything's appreciated.
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