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  1. What was the issue with the PO? Did the box collapse or something? Sheesh....
  2. Flies went out this morning Express... They should be there on Sat.
  3. I will be ready to ship this weekend. Addy please
  4. I use the pedistal when I am doing things that don't require a really good tug or tension....Spinning hair requires me to use the clamp.
  5. less than a year here. Started because I was tired of paying for what seemed to be such an easy fly to tie.... In retrospect, my wallet suffered more from learning to tie than if I bought a dozen of this fly each time I went out. :crying:
  6. A big thanks to all that replied. I got it down now, even though it is kind of a pain. Practice is definitely making it easier. Now on to my next thing to learn....hair spinning and stacking... :bugeyes:
  7. Man, they don't even have Bojangles over here in Memphis, TN. I'm transplanted from NC, too (Asheville) and I always make a bee-line for Bojangles whenever I get back to NC. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: You are KILLIN' me bringing up Bojangles....When I was stationed in NC, I almost lived there. The sweet tea there is to DIE for!!!! When I left NC, I started with 2 cases of sweat tea from there...I think it was gone in 2 days driving from NC to Cali. If it weren't so darn expensive to ship a couple gallons of liquid across the country, i would have a standing order....
  8. So let's say we want to tie some extra's for the swapmaster... What type would you want to receive? I know you are up north somewhere, but not sure if what I tie for NorCal waters would work for you. I would prefer to tie something that I know you could use. Thanks.
  9. I am new to the boards, but cannot think of a better way to get involved. Count me in!!!!
  10. Thanks for the advice.... The fly I am trying to imitate is Here. Notice how the rubber legs are on top....that is what I am trying to get down.
  11. So I am trying to tie a rubber legged bugger in the fashion that imitates what I have been purchasing. The ones I purchase have the legs on top, usually 6 of them, and kind of swing back on the retrieve. They are my go-to on the delta for big 'gills and subsurface bass. Anyway, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to tie them so that they stay on top and in-line. I usually dont get a lot of time when I sit down to tie to experiment, so I figured I would ask. Any suggestions would be helpful.
  12. I know peeps from both of those clubs...and both are great. Bigdewy, if you ever feel like showing a noob around Pyramid, let me know.... I have always wanted to go out there, but the whole Ladder thing just freaks me out. I am thinking my 'toon would be cool there, but I heard the winds pick up suddenly and strong.
  13. I have been lurking for quite a while and figured it was time to get active and hopefully give back some of what I have learned here. I am in my 2nd year of nothing but fly fishing. Last year I had my first American River Steelhead (ended the season with 14 hookups and 6 to the hand), and my first American River Striper. Since I was a kid, I have always loved panfishing so over the summer, that is what I have focused on and had an absolute blast. I started tying about a year ago, and have some success with my varient of the Fox's poopah and some of my bugger patterns. I hope to share some in some upcoming swaps. I am trying to find more time to tie, but sometimes that is difficult. I am sure some of you know what I mean. This summer I got my first inflatable pontoon boat and have enjoyed floating some of the Sierra lakes as well as the Delta. What a blast. I would love to hook up with more kickboat / pontoon peeps as it is an absolute blast to have a few of us out there all at once. There are a couple of clubs in NorCal for the traditional gear guys, but I have not seen any for us fly-guys.
  14. I fish a variant of that with a bead head in the Sac Delta. The larger 'gills and black bass absolutely love this fly in brown.
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