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  1. A big thanks.very nice reward for little on my part.
  2. THANKS to all for the nice flies the swap and the extras.
  3. Addy please. Swap master to keep all excess flies.
  4. Addy. please. Thanks for the swap.
  5. Receved flies very good flies very good swap. thanks to all. IBRB
  6. Count me in. Renegade that is the pattern not me.
  7. Can I join your swap. Iwill tye a Blue JAY on a Mustad 3366 may have to use more than one size hook.
  8. Tied the Ausable Wulff, pattern from Betters book. Hook: Mustad 9671 # 12 Tail: Woodchuck guard hair Wing: White calf tail upright divided Body: Austrailian Possum and rusty orange Rabbit Hackle: Grizzly and Brown Thread: Hot Orange Ready to ship Addy. please ibrb
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