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  1. Casting for Recovery(breast cancer survivors) Project Healing Waters(Wounded Veteran Support) A simple way to say thanks for all you've done. ussually my best flies get shared either through swap, Donation, or to someone on the river and I fish the b flies and strip the C flies.
  2. I usually organize by whats in them dry, nymph, terestrial, wet, streamer (minnows), steamer (buggers and leeches). works for me. oh and I have a lake box chominids and micro leeches
  3. Hi All, this is the first pics posted to this site... great site by the way these are a couple things I threw together playing with some materials that I normally don't use
  4. Picked decent, but do critique alot. and wind up picking apart atleast the first two of a new pattern. Teck
  5. Seasons never ends here, just gotta wait for the next chinook
  6. A good goal when starting is tie 24 of one pattern (i also supply my son and daughter with flies) then learn a new one. basically 1 new pattern a week. you will build your repitiore(sp?) quick. When being creative once you create something you like(and the fish like) write it down. nothing worse than forgetting a great fly.
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