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  1. Well..you guys have a desk! Mine is the coffee table, but only when my wife is in a good mood! It is best to let her watch the bachelorette or scandal or grey's anatomy, so she is amiable enough to let me take over the coffee table for a couple of days... That is my trade-off....fly tying for the t.v. controller.
  2. I see some pretty realistic nymphs on here, i.e. mayfly and dragonfly nymphs. They have some really nice legs on them, but I do not know what material to use. I tried pheasant tail, but they look nothing like some of these flies. What is the best material for realistic looking legs?
  3. Thank you so much for the replies!!! I have never been able to make the butt ends vanish under the bead until reading this. And the web site with the instructions on how to tie in the tail is awesome. I have been tying them in 1 at a time, trying to get them in perfect position. You guys rock!! Thanks, Chris G.
  4. I have been tying for about a year now and continue to struggle in 2 areas... When I tie a bead-head prince, I have an enormous amount of trouble with making the goose biot tail flare out and making them even. Any tips would be appreciated. I have no issues with the body or thorax, but I have similar problems with the goose biots on the wing. I am trying to come up with a way to be consistent and so far have struck out. Lastly is the hackle on this fly...maybe I am just using bad material, but what is the easiest hackle to tie in on this fly?
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