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  1. Received flies in the mail today, WOW! great ties everyone! Now I'll have to go fishing to try them out.
  2. Hello All, I just returned from Montana today after a grueling 10 day visit with my parents. My dad fell and destroyed his knee on the 15th so I had to fly out next day to help my mom out. Good news is he is out of the hospital now and things can get back to normal. Bad news is I never got to the post office with my flies. If you can wait a few days for my flies to arrive that would be great, if not, I understand. I appologize for the delay.
  3. I'm half done! These little buggers take a while to tie. Here's a couple of pics: They are tied on size 12 nymph hooks and the claws are turkey biots. I should be done by this coming weekend.
  4. Hey WALLY, Welcome to the forum. I'm not too far from you and I know the Trout Unlimited used to have a fly tying club meet once a month in Dunnelin at the First Aid squad or someplace like that. If you know where Effinger's Sporting Goods is on 28 off 287, They probably have info on it.
  5. Hi my name is Werner and I'm a Swapaholic. Pattern: Highland Dun Variant. (It's a grey mayfly) I see many of you are tying the dreaded TBD(Turkey Biot Deceiver)
  6. I've decided to tie a crayfish pattern. I figured it would be a good choice for the summer. I'll post a pic when I've finished the first one so you all can see it.
  7. Received mine today. Great bunch O' flies everybody! FF13 thanks for hosting!
  8. I saw two Massive Wild Turkeys yesterday, on may to do some fishing during lunch. I've seen turkeys before, but the birds must have been on the Barry Bonds Fitness Plan. Made me look at the two small burgers shake my head and wish I had my Bow with me instead of a fly rod. Now before anyone looks at me cross eyed; My wife won't allow a gun in the house. Pretty funny though; considering my son wants to go for his Shotgun Hunting License this fall and she has yet to say no. My wife was the same way, untill I took her skeet shooting. Now it's OK, but NO ammo allowed in the house(I can live with that rule)
  9. Flies are in the mail! Express mailed them so you WILL get them by the deadline. Flies have been done since last week, just couldn't get to the Post Office with my busy work schedule this past week.
  10. Sounds like you fish the same streams that I do. Even the FFO section I find bait containers. Jeremy It's funny isn't it? (funny-peculiar not funny-HaHa) I'll be on one of my favorite FFO streams in PA and I'll find empty jars of Powerbait and snelled hooks and the worst is monofilament with bobbers hanging from the trees. Kinda like a baitfisherman's Christmas Tree!
  11. Send Addy please, I'll be finishing up this weekend and the flies will go out Mon.
  12. While fishing the local stream last week, I saw evidence of Swinus Americanus (American Pig). The "droppings" were all over the riverbank, you know soda cans, styrofoam worm containers, cigarette butts,spent monofilament, etc. The problem with identifying the American Pig is that they blend in with the normal population (good camouflage). By the time I was done cleaning up, I only had time for a few casts then I had to go home. Pigs! I will get off my soapbox now.
  13. If there's room, I'd like to get in on this one. I'll do an Orange and Partridge Soft Hackle size 12. Thanks
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