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  1. Here's a mickey finn created using some Congo Hair from the christmas box.
  2. first deer hair spun... white tailed green machine
  3. This is my first ally's shrimp. I love the look of this fly, and that it is fairly different than most of the other hairwings. I can see myself tying many many more of these in the future. This one is red (don't have orange bucktail at the moment).
  4. Yes, they are used on the Miramichi often as well, the "cosseboom special" -- it's brighter than the normal one.
  5. glitter bear, not of the Care variety
  6. You could also try "Honey, I'm putting you in storage..." :devil:
  7. Here is a hairwing blue charm that is a little more full than the last one
  8. Size 8 blue charm... My spool of yellow uni-floss decided to disintegrate for some reason so I had to resort to the rusty rat coloured danville floss for the tag. My floss work blows, I have to learn to get it right before proceeding to the rest of the fly. Black uni-yarn for the body.
  9. Here's a cosseboom I tied... I don't have any soft yellow hackle so the stiff will do for now.
  10. Here is one I made today with a tail this time. I used uni yarn for the body -- I like how that stuff looks.
  11. haha... naw I've had most of that stuff in storage (except for the vise... i lost my old regal knock off). Not pictured are two tubs of hair and feathers
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