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  1. Nice tie Joe. Put a white wing on it and call it "ChocChipMintW/Whip" JR
  2. WOW This thing has just got to kill the steelies. Love the colors. I have got to try a few of these. JR
  3. Nice Tie Summit I like the third pic. What size hook is that in the upper left hand corner. It's massive. Jr
  4. That thing makes me itch just looking at it. Great tie. JR
  5. OLB Keep your head up. God and Love work in mysterious ways. I was with a gal who I thought was the love of my life. When our son was 5 months old she up and moved to Cali. I thought it was all over at that point. I swore that I would never get together with another woman ever. I was wrong, and I am glad I was. Maybe you should look for someone who enjoys the things you do. Heck, Maybe you will find a gal who ties/fishes better than you. LOL I will keep you in my prayers. Good luck JR
  6. A friend of mine is selling his fishin boat cheap. Let me know if you know anyone that needs one. JR
  7. I went steelheadin yesterday and hooked into this beaut'. I was using a minnow pattern. Nasty strike too. Just about ripped my pole from my hand. It hit right after the swing. JR
  8. I don't know if this will work so here goes. This is so funny JR
  9. Hey Ronn Are you looking for your future ex-wife :j_k: JR
  10. Simply Amazing Bud. My dad carves ducks also. He calls it relaxing. I never had the patients for it. I will try to send some pics of his work soon. JR
  11. This is crazy!! Just the other day my boy and I were in the yard catching grasshoppers and he kept a few in a plastic bowl. One of the hoppers suddenly died and out of its head came a larve of some sort. I knew I should have taken pics. The larve was white in color and had a few black spots on it (about the size of a maggot). The next day it was gone. I think it burrowed its way into the other hopper in the bowl. I am waiting to find out what it looks like when it emerges again. I think we have a parasite wasp in the area but have never seen this. If you know, let me know. JR
  12. Just hit $3.06 for the cheep stuff here in Chelan Wa. If you want the good stuff its $3.20 I just put $50 in and got 3/4 of a tank. Good thing my fishing spot is close. JR
  13. hello FF lady. Good to have you here. Enjoy the site I know I have. JR
  14. If your thread is big enough take your bodkin and split the tread. Insert the dubbing and spin your bobbin threader. The more you spin the tighter the rope. I hope this works for you. JR
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