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  1. I've never fished either of them, but plan to this year. I live on the Front Range so I'll have to make a trip of it. From what I've heard both rivers are awesome. The Frying Pan probably has the biggest trout in Colorado in it if I had to guess. Just search "Frying Pan Toilet Bowl" and look at the pictures.
  2. Looks like a big nasty Wedding Veil. Nice ties.
  3. Cool video. I'd love to see a close up picture of the fly.
  4. I like the double-deceiver coyote style!
  5. What exactly is your issue?
  6. I agree with everyone that's posted so far. I debarb all my hooks. If I ever forget I get upset because I usually have to ruin the fly to get it out of a fish. Barbless hooks, if you know how to fight fish, should work just as well and will do less damage to the fish and yourself. When you hook yourself (it will happen), you'll be happy you went barbless. EDIT: Also, barbless hooks don't tear up your fly boxes!
  7. I've heard that short rods are better for casting big flies. However, I have a 9'6" 8wt and I like it a lot. I have a preference for slightly longer fly rods for whatever reason. With that said, when I purchase a 10 wt there's a pretty good chance I'll try out a shorter one maybe an 8'6" or 8', I wouldn't go too much shorter than 8'. Go with what you like to cast. Demo some rods in a bunch of lengths and see what you cast best. Also, don't forget (if you don't already know) to learn how to Belgian cast.
  8. Odaon

    GCO Hooks?

    Flyandice, I wouldn't worry. I assume they have lots of orders coming in right now are a pretty busy.
  9. I have only fished the Rio once (sad because I grew up in NM) and i didn't catch a single fish. I fished it up above Pilar, NM. From everything I've been told about it, the river can be a pain in the butt. I guess crane fly larva work well? I don't know much but hopefully that can get you started.
  10. Normally I whip on the post like most people here have said. I saw this video the other day. It's one of Davie McPhail's videos and he uses a small piece of silicone to push everything back. I might start doing this way now.
  11. Odaon

    GCO Hooks?

    I've heard good things about them and you can't beat the price! I've never used any myself but I have 5 packs on the way. I'll update this when they show up and I've fondled them.
  12. Just ordered some hooks. Thanks for the awesome deal!!
  13. In my area, getting them on the fly is usually very hard. I think the first thing I would try would be cottonwood seed flies.
  14. I agree with SBPatt, for wet flies just get something that you like the look of, buy yourself a nice saddle when you want to tie a ton of dries.
  15. SBS is a step by step. Would be cool to see how you tie them.
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