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  1. I think it might be nice to have a saltwater section, up near the warm and coldwater, That way we have a place to discuss Striper,Snook,Redfish,Seatrout and all other saltwater patterns.
  2. When Your more interested in the tying possibility's of your wife's leopard skin Undergarments rather than whats under them.
  3. :lol2: :hyst: I now know where to find hard as nails! Guess I been tying to much
  4. When Hair Length,color,quality, and dye Versatility are key factors in deciding your new family pet.
  5. When you have more rare bird pelts than the national museum of ornithology.
  6. Lol, Definitely If/when I get the money, I will be getting a Straight shaft Rotary, I wont have to contort myself to tie Underwings! :hyst:
  7. Come to think of it i Don't know why they have the V style vises It makes alot more sense to just make it straight When the V style Jaws hold it at the same place as would a Straight shaft. -------------------------------------- V
  8. I like how the Shaft is straight, I Dislike tying with a big "V" Whirling around.
  9. Digital Camera's are the way to go! Also you will be able to Digitally enhance your photos Via Your PC, to make them more exquisite.
  10. Very Nice Job on this fly, How well does the diving lip work?
  11. That's the way to do it!, We can sit here and talk about difference in lines, reels, poles,But you won't truly know, until you have the actual reel mounted on the pole, and you have given it a few casts.
  12. I have always believed that the hands,and the line tip are the best strike indicators, Quite Frankly if im going to use a bobber I will just switch over to my spinning outfit. But i guess it's all a matter of personal preference.
  13. Nice tyes, I like the spider Very Much.
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