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  1. 2 words.... Buy Whiting. Metz is noted for that, and thier stems twisting while trying to tie.
  2. The Whiting Grading system is as follows. Pro Grade, Bronze, Silver, Gold, ect. The Whiting Midge Saddles, are the way to go, they will have consistent sizes in the 18-22 range. Some colors are hard to find, but, it's best to call and see what is available. Any specific questions, feel free to shoot me a PM.
  3. Plan on giving them a try in a couple deep pools at the Flatbrook, here in NJ. Or a couple of small lakes here as well. It will be too heavy for most of the flatbrook, but, it has a couple of deep pools they might work in.
  4. Just playing with these new Fish Skulls, and they seem like they have some good possabilities. This fly is to resemble a small minnow. Looking forward to trying them out this week. They are pretty heavy, especially on a small fly, but, they will work well for deep pools or lakes. And real well for the salt. They come in small, med, and large.
  5. Holy cow !!! That is really funny you should say that about the rock thrower. Your friend is 100% correct. I was there thursday, and saw him doing it. And to top it off he was spin fishing. I almost had a cow, I was ready to choke him, but, the other flyfisherman that he chased out of the hole with his rock throwing told me to let it go. He was in my favorite hole too. I will call him on it nextime. I couldn't believe it.
  6. Ohhh, Fly tyer, if we tell ya we would need to shoot ya. LOL Your better off finding a pool that sees less action.
  7. Yup, that is a nice pool, but, you're right it's rare if you can get the to yourself. Or at least without a crowd. That would be a great pool for these streamers. I ran a #6 flatwing pattern through the pool I was at on the otherside of the street for the heck of it. And they loved it. It was just a bit too big for them. Back to the vise to scale it down a bit.
  8. Oooh Werner's Pool. I have been fishing the flatbrook for 25 years now, and I think I have tried most all of those pools, but, I am not too good with the names of them, I just know where the good pools are. So... I might be fishing Werner's pool, but, I wouldn't know it. LOL. We need a "key" to the pools of the flatbrook.
  9. Had a great day at the Flatbrook, here in NW NJ, yesterday, and thought I would like to try some new streamers, these should work. Hook : #12 streamer hook Tail : CDL (Light Pardo) Fibetts Body : Silver and Gold Body Braid Wing : CDL (Light pardo and dyed golden olive) Cape Feathers over white Cape feathers (gives it a real natural mottled look) Throat : White Arctic Fox tail The fly in the center of the pick is the same except for the wing. The wing is made from an American Variant rooster cape.
  10. try Castle Arms Phil has alot of the hard to fine bird feathers. www.castlearms.com
  11. Keough is probably more "available" than the Metz. Metz can be hard to find. Comparable otherwise. Just my .02
  12. The Hebert/ Miner saddles are going to be in the large range for the most part, it does depend on the saddle but, for the most part they will tie in the range of 10-14. The capes are nice as well, and the Prograde sell for $30, the bronze for $47. And have a great size range. If you would like a source PM me.
  13. I just had some hen capes in silver badger come through last week. They are available but, hard to get. Not sure they would be big enough for you if you are doing spey stuff. What size spey are you doing, the hen might be big enough for the smaller flies. The Whiting (red label) hen saddles are great for dry fly wings and nymph legs, or wet fly hackle.
  14. Try these..... Red fox tail and senyo lazer dub. Real easy, and works great, any size you want.
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