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  1. Just gave it a little bump 'cause i kinda misplaced it. I don't believe that I'm with the only club in Canada. C'mon guys and girls. Jon
  2. beautiful claudia. great tie. Jon
  3. Perhaps it's no big problem for you but I don't think my mechanics hands are ready for that yet. i will begin my stretching excercises and nthen practice practice practice. by the way is there an easy way to taper the weave I notice that it starts and stops rather abruptly, any ideas?? I think i should drop by my moms' house and scoop her hooks :devil: Cheers Jon P.s. I'm Jon G too.
  4. that is a great fly, I love it Jon
  5. I like it alot. Holy crap it looks as long as a hockey stick. On you pattern is there not a second herl ball closer to the eye? or was this dropped as the fly evolved? I dont have a copy of hatches yet so this isn't a critique just a question. Jon
  6. Fantastic pictures. It looked like a beautiful day..... wish i didn't have to work Jon
  7. Hey guys; I like the examples shown so far mine are stuck on the body stage , I'm hoping that my wing feathers show up soon. Jon
  8. VERY NICE KEVIN, I Love the colours. JON
  9. Ooops sorry. I meant hamilton , ontario Canada Eh!. Just around the grand river. I guess when you live here there is only one. Jon
  10. I am all for the Idea as well. Great thinking by the way the Hamilton area fly fishers and tiers meet the first and fouth mondays of the month check out the info at www.HAFFT.ca. For some reason this hasn't been updated this season yet. Happy fall fishing Jon ps. I don't think that smalliehunter is gonna add anything new until he gets the old working correctly..
  11. Very true, The benefits of joining a fly tying club is that on tying nights you can bug your friend and try their's out. Jon
  12. Hey oatka Sorry that I can't make it, I had the pen out to mark it on the calendar thinking to myself.... self..... that date seems familiar. I fliupped to the november page and said oh crap. My son Liam turns 3 on the 15th so thankyou for the reminder, i'm sure that i would have remembered but you know how it is. once again thanks for the invite but I won't be able to make it but I will pass the date onto our fly tying club here in hamilton, On., (www.HAFFT.ca) Perhaps we could do a swap or a combined club meet and greet further though the season. PM me if you are interested Jon
  13. I'm from Hamilton. The guys at Grindstone Angling (waterdown) are really good, however their website is really old. give them a call there is also wilson's in toronto that has a good reputation or at least it did. I think it may have changed hands last year or so..(just what i remember i may be wrong .... no body get upset please.) check out the fly tying clubs around the credit river area or come to the hamilton area club. www.HAFFT.ca we meet every month second and fourth mondays. PM me for more details or if you want to borrow some of my old stuff. Jon
  14. Yea I am not a Bait fisherman anymore.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Jon
  15. Thanks DART pm recieved Jon
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