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  1. Sorry to hear about your luck! hope all goes well! cheers chuckandducker
  2. GOOD ON YA! hope your wife's OK! cheers chuckandducker
  3. I'll second what flyfshn76 says! cheers chuckandducker
  4. Voodoo, your on the Bow River also? and I see you just joined yesterday so let me welcome you also! cheers chuckandducker
  5. Welcome aboard you will learn a lot here some great tyers on site with a lot to offer! Were almost neighbors I'm in Cochrane Ab. what part of the City are you in? Do you fish the Bow A lot? fall is a great time to be out on the water just watch for the redds browns are spawning! cheers chuckandducker
  6. Some guys drive Ford's some drive Chrysler's who cares that some guys drive a Lada. Cheers chuckandducker
  7. I chuck em' in Alberta in the evening/night fishing for big browns and bullies cheers chuckandducker
  8. Well done, This fly has served me well also. I love these old fly's "tied in the round" Thanks for posting cheers chuckandducker
  9. welcome aboard this is a great site you'll learn lots hear! And your in a great spot there! cheers chuckandducker Rick
  10. I don't know if you'll call it a material but the wax I use is from the hardware stores, plumbing dept. It's the toilet bowl wax seal. I pack it into an old deodorant tube and also melt some into an old hook box that I keep handy for touch dubbing cheers Chuckandducker
  11. definitely one of my favorite beers! I'll raise a mug to this cause! cheers chuckandducker
  12. Looking good! The E.H.C. is one of fav's! That one will get chewed up for sure! cheers chuckandducker
  13. Every year I say I'm going to fish more this season but with work, 2 teenage daughters, life etc. I'm not on the water as much as I would like to be. Also my season doesn't start until June 16 and closes October 31 so that's only like 4 1/2 months and last time i checked there is still 12 months in a year so you do the math! I tie way more then i fish. Besides it gets me through the long Alberta winters! cheers chuckandducker
  14. Kinda looks like a Burbot to me cheers Rick
  15. BigDaddy, I agree it gets funnier every time! Dang that's good s###! Cheers Rick
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