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  1. Hey guys, Does this swap still have an open spot? Let me know... I'd tie some type of puglisi pattern.
  2. If you know the techniques of using a rotary vise, it makes tying alot easier. It does make working with dubbing, chennile, and any wrapping you may do with a material much quicker.As for me, i have had some trouble with the base holding in place when i spin deer hair, but maybe its just that i use too much pressure. Hope that helps, bobby
  3. Any room left in this? If so i'd tie a sand eel clouser in chart. and white Thanks, Bobby
  4. got em both pm me for more info
  5. got em both pm me for more info
  6. Nice! My steelie boxes are almost empty. Ive been to busy tying for other people and busy with school. When i get my spring boxes ready, ill post some pics. bobby
  7. Hello everyone, Just wondering if anyone would want to share their favorite PMD Emergers or Cripples. I am going to Montanna for a week in July for Sweetwater Travels Fly Fishing Guide School and im in need of some smaller (sz 18 or 20) emergers. My favorite is either a cdc style emerger on a curved hook or a last chance pmd on a reg dry fly hook. Thanks for your pics/replies, Bobby
  8. The pedestal base works well for spinning deer hair. I just tied a couple dozen snookaroos for a guy going to catch some golden dorrado. Vice didnt move an inch. Im very pleased with the peak!
  9. My all around best nymph is a jumbo john, a variation of the copper john. dont fish many speys here in pa, sorry
  10. Looks like you got some nice buggers there..... now i need to head downstairs to the bench to tie some up for tom Heading North tom... hope no one will be around due to the steelers vs browns game. BROWNS STINK!
  11. I would have to agree and say any baithfish paterns ( Angel Hair is my favorite flash material). Deff have some buggers (black, white, green, brown) they work good for imitating just about anything that swims. Also take some deer hair poppers and some frogs/mice. Also take along a couple of zug bugs and hares ears. Some times they will do the trick. Good Luck. My bass season doesn't start untill april/june when all of the ponds become unfrozen. Tightlines, bly65
  12. Wow, Im suprised there isn't alot of interest in this one. I would deff do this. just hope to see some more people get in on this. Come on guys!!! this should be a really good swap! Im In!!!! -bly65
  13. Ok. I won for the great lakes egg category. For some reason, I can not get my gift certificate to work. When I click complete order, It takes me to the "My Account" screen. I can not seem to figure out how to get to where I type in my gift certificate info. Anybody wanna help me out with this one? haha Thanks, bly65
  14. Thanks for your support j stockard! Got my gift certificate today! Congrats to all and thank you to JS once again. Tightlines, bly65
  15. Nice Fish. Good Job. Tightlines, bly65
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