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  1. I love those circle hooks for fishing salmon in rivers. I cast quartering downstream and let the fly swing in to shallow water. I get more positive hook-ups, no snagging of the fish, less than 1% snagging on the bottom. I've tied them using streamers, minnows and egg patterns.
  2. You're right, - if you're looking for bucktails exclusively its hit or miss. I've done some orders for larger bucktail flies in Prince Rupert, BC and Alaska that wanted them minimum 6"-7" long. For those flies I substituted yak hair for the bucktail and then rubbed it with a little Brylcreem to give it some shine and durability.
  3. In my neck of the woods, salmon hooks come readily in barbless whereas sometimes its hit or miss with trout hooks. Since most of my home waters are now barbless, all my flies are tied barbless and pinched at the bench prior to tying. I'm a cheap bast**d and don't always but the 'good' brands of hooks so its best for me to crimp before thread in case the hook isn't up to being alterred with pliers. I use fly boxes with foam to hold the hooks so if the fly catches on the foam and you get a small piece of the foam attached to the hook when you pull it out of the box, it'll definitely catch on cloth. Yes, I've been tested on the water by a C.O. before, but if it's obvious that you've made a attempt to crimp all your flies, they'll tend to be lenient. If you fish barbless only, you'll have one less thing to worry about - no matter who's waters you're fishing in.
  4. I've used AnglersChoice soft body for quite a few years now. Another good thing about this product is that if you haven't used it for a while and it gets too thick to use, just add a LITTLE water to it and mix gently. Leave the lid off for a day or two to allow any bubbles to escape and you're off and running again. If I want a thin hard finish to what I'm tying, I just use some of my wife's no-split bonder nail polish(remember to put it back with her stuff).
  5. Love the idea of tube eyes. Looking forward to trying them. By the way, we use that gold bead olive bugger out West for rainbow, steelhead, coho and chum (calico) salmon. A great all-around fly.
  6. If you're still taking orders, I'd like 1 prairie dust 1 indigo 1 charcoal all in 3XL. thanks.
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