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  1. Iv'e been using hooks from THE FLY SHOP for quite awhile and have had none break be messed up out of the pack. They are the flyshop brand dont know were there made but are a great deal. wicked sharp and have landed over 10 pound steelhead on their size 14 nymph hook just another option. im new to tying so sorry if my reply is useless. but the cost is lessthan 3 dollars a pack 25
  2. Thanks for all the great comments guys/gals? I just started tying in june this was my first pattern i developed. As for the hook I use a standard hook and make the bend myself haven't had any issues with breaking yet. I know that some hook companies make a bent shank hook but the non custom models are cheaper. Anyways thanks again and glad you enjoyed my pattern. And yes it floats like a cork even when fished in a dry dropper system or through nasty swift current or riffles. I also ty them in black and gold as stone patterns with superfloss rubberlegs. photos to come soon CHEERS Matt
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by socallies23: Sorta Stimulated
  4. Im tying that fly in size 8 or 10 works well as a dry dropper with a pupa below.
  5. Hey everyone My name is Matt I live in mt shasta CA on the upper SAC. Just started tying at the end of june. Im happy to be here and to be able to use this in the devolpment of my tying skills. Im going to add a picture of a fly that I came up with Its called the "SORTA STIMULATED" in dicosmoecus colors also used for salmon and stone imataions pending the time of year. hope you enjoy it. Does anyoneknow when the rookie contest submissions have to be in al beatty told me to check out this website I'm really happy i did. Cheers and thanks for your time Matt.
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