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  1. Wonderful :yahoo: I have to tie it as well.
  2. I´d like to save more time for fishing and rodbuilding.
  3. I have Harmonic version and have to say it´s well done. Very good vice for a good price. However, my dream is CF vice Reference. http://www.c-and-f.co.jp/c_and_f_e/flytyin...m/cft_9000.html
  4. smallieFanatic, if you are looking for a good vice, see this web. I think these could be better: http://www.jan-tvrdek.cz/rotary-vices
  5. Cinnamon sedge - I like it during summer evening Caddis larva - I use it here in the small rivers and streams, usually in fast flowing water.
  6. Hope so. Your wings and head look great. Did you ever get yourself a new vise? Reasonable? Us???? Keep 'em coming, Scorpio! I mean: you are not arrogant! I´ve found lots of nice people here. Sorry, if you didn´t understand. My English isn´t so well.
  7. Hello guys, thank you. I like to share my hobby with, because you are much more reasonable in the US than guys here in Czech.
  8. Yes, of course, Whiting is the top, however quite expensive :dunno: I though that Keough could be some alternative?
  9. These are my favourite patterns: Iron blue and gray dun. Graylings like them
  10. I like these by our local manufacturer in the Czech Republic: http://www.hanak.eu/download/hanak_competi...oducts_2009.pdf I think - very good choice.
  11. What about Keough? Is e.g. Keough Hackle Cock Cape Master's good alternative to Metz or Whiting?
  12. Hello guys, is there anybody who could advise me any good e-shop with capes by Whiting, Metz or Keough in the Europe? Thanx a lot
  13. Yes, it´s possible to tie legs longer, but I don´t prefere it. When the fly absorbs water then becomes heavier. I have found my compromise between legs length and ability easy to dry the fly.
  14. I like parachutes as well. Here´s my one.
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