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  1. Nice tie Toto That is sure to catch some nice fishies...
  2. I am loving the vivid colors on that fly Bruce. Great tie.
  3. The wings are actually tied at a 45 degree angle and not perpendicular, as the other picture in the database shows; I do actually know the difference between a spinner and a Dunn. I merely used this view because I like how the picture shows off the wings, and the fly....
  4. Its been a couple of years, but i am back in the game again. This little fly is made with a new product my brother-in-law is developing, called BugWings. Looking forward to doing some trout fishing in the beautiful Crowsnest Pass, AB, this next week. Over all, life is not too shabby.
  5. That is an amazing fly. You might say.... SuperFlyTM Justin
  6. I got mine yesterday here to northern alberta. Thankyou to everyone for your efforts. Thanks Dezod for hosting. Justin
  7. I got mine yesterday. Thanks everyone for the great flies. Justin
  8. I use nothing below a 3/0 monocord for my 32s and I love it. I never have to worry about thread tension........ :bugeyes: Just kidding. I should really tie something under a 20. I do have some Uni Trico, so I guess I just need some hooks. Justin
  9. Hi all. I got mine on Thursday. Thanks everyone. Fantastic ties. I posted pictures of the flies for Sherrib here: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=43408 Thanks. Justin
  10. I said I would post the pics for the swap. Here they are. Not all of them had toe tags so I'm not going to name them. Just number them. Justin 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  11. I'm in for sure. I will tie a nice #8 Brooks' Stone. Let's get stoned!!! (No intentional reference to illegal drug use intended!) Justin
  12. Well. Luckily I had some time today to go to the post office. Cause it took me like 40 minutes to fill out all the customs forms. Anyways, all the flies are in the mail back to you all. For postage, many of you sent a few bucks. In order to not piss off bank tellers and minimize time in the bank, I took all of the cash received lumped it all together, and converted it to Canadian. I then took that lump sum and paid for the postage for all of the packages that needed postage. This was needed because a couple of people didn;t send postage or means to buy postage. The total cost for return postage was somewhat less than money received for postage. However, I don't know who sent how much. On previous mailings that I have sent out, they cost $5.25 per package. I now know that this was because of the bubble wrap envelopes I was using. (Too fat) Packages that were not bubble wrap cost 2.11 to send to the states, and 4.10 overseas. So, a couple people sent a couple extra dollars for postage. I don't remember who sent what. If anyone feels they were treated unfairly with this, please PM me, and I will mail you a couple bucks and a fly. This was my first time hosting a swap, so now I have all the kinks worked out for future swaps. That being said, look out for my next swap..... its going to be a bait fish imitations... :headbang: Okay. As for pictures of the flies. My wife went to visit her family for the week and consequently took the camera with her, so it'll be a week or so before I will have a chance to take some pics. Thankyou to everyone for participating in the swap. Questions?? Comments??? Sarcastic Remarks????? PM me. Justin
  13. I am not sure. I do know that we don't get mail on Saturday like you guys do down there. But you would think that mail would still travel. Oh, well. What can you do. By the way. Scott's flies got here today. So they're all in. I'll sort em tomorrow, and take a few pictures, and get them in the mail as soon as I can. Thank you all for your participation in the swap. I will let you know when I get them in the mail. Justin
  14. I got flies from Flytyinfreak today. Great flies. Now we're just waiting on Scott's. I'm thinking that they should get here tomorrow. Hopefully. If not tomorrow, then monday for sure. I'll update you when they get here. Justin
  15. That's a great little nymph. It would work great here in western canada. Thanks for posting. Justin
  16. Okay!!! I got flies from 907 today. Excellent. Thankyou very much. Two more sets to go. I'm sure the other two should get here before the end of the week. I'll let you know when they get here. Thanks Justin
  17. Nothing yet. As of yesterday. Justin
  18. Finally, after sitting in my truck for a week and a half, I was able to find a little time to stop by the post office. So mine are on the way. Justin
  19. After a week and a half sitting in my truck, I finally had a chance to stop by the post office yesterday, and mine are on the way. Justin
  20. I also enjoy pencil sketching. Justin
  21. I got flies from Roll Q__Cast the other day. Thankyou. We are still waiting on three sets. FlytyinFreak pm'd me that his package got turned back due to water, so that's unfortunate. So, I will inform you when they're all in. And then I'll do the turn around as fast as I can. Thankyou for your patience. Here is an updated list. 1. JustinDavis --> TBD --> know it already -->done 2. skoli --> TBD --> addy sent --> received 3. atroutbum2 --> TBD --> addy sent -->received 4. riffleriversteelheadslayer --> Irish Turkey --> addy sent --> received 5. professori --> copper john --> addy sent --> received 6. firetiger --> The Fenian --> addy sent --> received 7. flytyinfreak --> TBD --> addy sent --> received 8. Flies & Photos --> TBD --> addy sent --> received 9. Scott V --> TBD --> addy sent --> 10. NineZeroSeven --> TBD --> addy sent -->received 11. 1973Dereks --> TBD --> addy sent -->received 12. Houndog --> Green Soft Hackle --> addy sent -->received 13. Roll Q___Cast --> TBD --> addy sent --> received Thanks
  22. Sounds great. That should be good. If there is any change I will send it back. As for costs. Ya, more than double from me to you, than from you to me. Go figure. Justin
  23. I got flies from Roll Q__Cast yesterday. Great ties. Thanks for the extras. 3 More sets to go. Justin
  24. I would look at Rainy's website and they have a list of all of their distributors in the states. http://www.rainysflies.com/pages/dealers.asp Justin
  25. I can throw up some pictures when they get to me. Justin
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