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  1. damn fly kid, those are some sick boxes. have you made any out of cocobolo?
  2. does anyone have wooden fly boxes? I want to get one but I need to shop around. can you post a picture of your fly box please? regards Boomer
  3. I am pretty excited to see the bee also. great work!
  4. thanks guys, I'm going to order the cd today. I am pretty excited.
  5. hi guys, I am new to the forum. I have been tying flies since the begining of summer, I came across a realistic fly online and was wanting to start tying those. I am pretty excited by your work! what should I start with as my first realistic fly. I have 3 shops near by that sell material so I can pick most of the materials up. here is some of the flies I took to mammoth lakes during the summer.
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