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    Hi bobfly Nice going!! I fell very much in love with the hairwing version of the akroyd. I've tried several times myself transforming classic into hairwings but always seems to mess them up. I've PM:d you Tompa
  2. Hmmmmm I´m honestly, i would say amazed. My tying crib is perhaps 1/3 of that space. Got to get rid of some items i-e wife and kids :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: :hyst: tompa
  3. Hi all Thank you for the kind words. As I see it the fly tyers in the salmon steelhead part of the forum are really putting together some good fishing flies and that's what it's all about for me. MARK: I missed your previous question about what double hooks I used for the "Collection flies". The hook is SALAR designed by M.Frödin and manifactured by Partridge. Comes in size 11 to 3 i think and in gold, silver and black. Flies look great on them and they hook well WHEN THE FLY IS IN THE SWING. When the cast is all done and the fly is sort of hanging 180 degrees downstream they don't hook that well, from my experience. As for the salmons they both died from natural causes OK bad joke. But i usually practice catch&freeze 2-4 times each season on freshs springs. Since food is my profession I for one recognize the true value for wild atlantic salmon as food. Since farming salmon is a much more greater threat to the wild atlantic salmon then fly-fishers ever will be I have taken my stand. Sea lice infestions from farms kill huge amount of smolt every year. The wild salmons food are being fished out as fodder to the farms and not at least, inbreeds from salmon farms a running away in masses causing genetical defects as they breed with the wild salmons. That is why I have outlawed farmed salmon(and wild salmon) in my restaurant. If i.e a sous chef were to buy farmed salmon at "special price for you" when I was away I would tell him to look for another work. HONESTLY. Regards THomas
  4. Hi all Seasons is ending now and I have just one more weekend left in Norway. The last trip I had a problem. The river was running a bit high and I couldn't make the salmons bite. I needed to get my fly down a bit to slow it down. I didn't bring my 15' rod this time just my 12,6' GLX Stinger so heavy sinking lines was no nice option. So I tied theese flies instead and they worked fine. The body is made up of 2 tungsten coneheads, I also added a little hackle and flash as a tail but you don't need that. Then the rest of the fly is just wing and soft front hackle. The patterns are Thunder&Lightning and a dark version of den vanlige. The Black&Yellow one worked best with 6 salmons between me and a friend. I believe that the thing that makes the fly good is that the tungsten cones make it cut through the surface immediately, and if the leader is correctly turned over and stretched the fly will start fishing directly. I also found out the the weight of the fly helps turning over the leader when it's a bit windy. Try this one guys I know it works :headbang: :headbang:
  5. Hi Steve O First of all the feathers that you've seen on pics are for sure ostrich not marabou, and therefor more durable. As I understand you have problems with hair breaking as well. As a professional fly tyer my I have two suggestions for you: 1. Maybe you use to much super glue or zap a dap or whatever glue you use to attach the turbo cone. Theese kind of glue is very thin and the wing absorbse it very esay. When it dries it becomes hard but prone to break. 2. Check your materials, maybe you have bad quality hair and feathers. Try tyimg some flies without the turbo cones. If you get the same result you know what the problem is. I have tied with the turbo cones for 3 seasons now and I've never had any complains. Not from myself nor from the ones bying my flies. Feel free to contact me for firther discussion about materials. Always Tight Lines :yahoo: :headbang: :yahoo: :headbang: :yahoo: :headbang: Heading to river Orkla tomorow :yahoo: :yahoo: :headbang: Tompa
  6. Hi bobfly Some nice small blue rats there. I never use such small patterns on hook my self, prefer microtubes, but these are real nice. Should be able to get you a grilse or two. Hectic days now going from one salmon river to another with some family time in between, I will try to come up with a report later on. Until then....... Tight lines everybody... :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:
  7. Hi all Thank you for your kind comments Jens: We're going to fish (depending on waterlevels) Forve, Kvåle, Öyum and Meldal JFF beats. Since we are staying on Vormstad we'll probably take one or two turns in Liehölen and Finnhölen as well. No private beat this season, the one that we had before has sadly become a long running pool with few bitingspots left since the big flood in 2003 We have a new beat though but it's not aveliable until 2009. But that's OK. I have had better fishing on dayticket beats than on private beats over the years. You just have to know where to go. 3 weeks is a fair amount of time o we'll probably head over to Gaula as well and if the rain comes we will also try som dryfly in the spaterivers on Fosen. Skitt fiske
  8. Hallo Nice tie. Wouldn't mind taking some of those for grilse fishing in august or on tidal zones in october. Would NOT mind getting my hands on that blue hair for my Dee Sheeps. Anyway, nice tie and lovely to see it on a single. I tie almost exclusively on tubes and sometimes doubles now a days, Sad but true. Always TIGHT LINES //Tompa
  9. Hi Jens Nice dries!! I´ve just started dry fly for salmon, got me a LeCie 11' a couple of years ago and tied some bombers. I have had some quality dry fly fishing on Fosen north of Trondheim, sadly no quantity. Where are you taking your dries? SKITT FISKE!! //Tompa
  10. Hi all THE SEASON IS ON!!!! :headbang: :headbang: I havent done so much fishing yet but in 2 weeks I´m leavin for Orkla and 3 weeks salmon fishing. I've held some tying seminars throughout the winter and spring. They were aimed for beginners trying to build up complete salmon boxes. I can tell you it was a long time since I tied so many salmon flies So here I am with doubles, tubes and microtubes up over my ears. I´m thinking maybe of assembling some complete sets of flies and selling them. They are almost all M Frödin templedog patterns and tied on SALAR doubles or FITS tubes. I've only used the best materials known to man for theese flies. If you or someone you know is interested drop me a PM. Maybe someone always thought that the Frödin flies looked interesting but found it hard to tied them or get the right materials. Here are some samples on doubles. The flles are from up left: Yellow Whitewing, Dee Sheep, Thunder Spey, Patakhorva, Silver and Silver, Green and Grey, Sierrakhorva, Greenlander, Black and Silver, Fireass Zonker I wish to extend to each of you TIGHT LINES!!! //tompa
  11. Hello I have tied and fished RATS for over 15 years now. Regarding your RATs you've got the bodyshop well covered, BUT ALOT is left to be done with the hackle and the wing. According to my standards the RATs are mainly fishing flies and not "show flies". That doesn't mean you can't show off tying a RAT. So here's my pointers 1. Hackles. To light, too long, too untapered and too bright 2. Wing. Too anxious stacked showing white and black marks. Stack it OK but pull gently in the middle to create a teardrop shape in the wing. 3. Height of the fly. Too damn high. Keep all flies low and streamlined but do not leave out details. Am I being to picky? Well maybe I should enter this contest......? Theese are my ideas of how a RAT should look like, at least when it comes to fishing.
  12. Finally There is no snow left on my lawn and I've changed tires. 6 months of endless daydreaming at work is at last and the struggle to maintain mental sanity is finally over. Sure since I also call myself an alpine climber I´ve had some stimulance for my soul this winter BUT HOWEVER fly fishing is my main poison. This weekend we're going to fish for baltic seatrout, the best seatrout in the world, and I can only hope that the luck from rescent season will hang on. I´ve tied some tubes for especially for this, here they are:
  13. NICE FOR YOU!!! Season is till some months away for me but i find other means to amuse myself Tight lines //Tompa
  14. Hello shaq and all of you other tube fans First of all I'm glad having inspired someone, doesn't happen frequently you know. You have got the main principles of templedog tying shaq, all you need now is some pointers and some quality materials. Look for good good quality arctic and silver fox. If you'll only get it in natural colors, dye it yourself. Don't mind about dog, expensive and overrated. Use fox and unperfumed hairbalm instead. And now some pointers. FIRST OF ALL FORGET ABOUT FOLDING WINGS FRONT AND BACK. IF YOU WANT TO TIE WITH CONEHEADS USE AS LESS THREAD AS POSSIBLE AND USE A THIN THREAD SUCH AS BENECCHI12/0 OR GRIFFITH14/0. BUILDING FAT BACKS WITH HIGH PROFILE DOESN´T GENERATE ANYTHING. THE SALMON CATCH THE FLY FROM BACKWARDS UNDERNEATH, AND THERE'S WHERE THE VOLUME AND PROFILE OF THE FLY SHOULD BE.THE END!! 1. Choose length of body and tie a tag and tail same length as body. 2. Divide the body into 2 parts. Rear part should be flatbraid of choosen color, front part use lite brite, fire star or ice dub, brush it out well with a homemade brush made of velcro and a popsicle stick. 3. Stay with the fat body hackles that you have used on your tubes posted, gives good volume 4. Under wing. Keep it 1/3 of the whole wing and as long as the tail. 5. Mid wing 2/3 longer than the underwing but just as thick. 6. Top wing. As thick as the under wing but as long as both under and mid wing together. 7. Front hackle. Use thick but rather stiff hackles such as front saddles or rfear neck hackles. They should be as long as the highest point of the wing. 8 Search my posts. I'm quite sure that I´ve posted a tutorial some time ago. Keep tying templedogs and catch more fish //Tompa Here are som fair example of well tapered flies
  15. Hi all Yesterday was spent dying hair and feathers since my "flytyingclass" has left som pretty big holes in my stock. Of course I had to test them and they all worked fine. I´m especially happy with the material for the Pahtakorva. This one is probably the best Pahtakorva I´ve ever tied :thumbsup: Have to post a single pic on that one. When I say "flytyingclass" I´m talking about my two disciples. They are in their mid 20s and last year they wanted to learn how to flyfish for salmon, and also to tie salmonflies. Since I´m old :wheelchair: I took upon me to teach them as best as I can. So now we have tying classes and casting clinics together. Also we make trips to river Ljungan and Norwegian salmon rivers to practise what we learn. It´s actually quite fun. They learn very quick and they are eager. Since I´m ex military the teaching is based on learning by doing and drill, it seems to work. Anyways, here are some flies tied with the new materials. From top left then clockwise. Green&Grey, Pahtakorva, Greenlander, Nightdiver.
  16. Hi bob Those are great flies :thumbup: I trie to match the pattern with the hook when i tie using silver, gold or black doubles but this is taking it one step further. I hope that those are flies for fishing, to good to be put in a frame or something else. Excellent!! //Thomas
  17. Hi Micke Nice Dusty Miller :thumbup: . One of my favourite "old" flies. Since I´m a tube freak I´ve tried several times to make a tube version of Dusty but they've all looked like :poop: I guess some patterns does not translate well into tubes. Keep up the good tying you'll get to use your flies soon :headbang: //Thomas
  18. Well a tad more advanced than the original maybe Seriously it doesn't have to be that complicated but i think this is more "fishy" than a regular Sunray. Also I like to present a fly that has taken some effort to the salmon. He is worth it! Regarding the turbo coneheads I can only refer to statistics in our own tiny little club of salmon fishers. Last season was a poor season throughout it all but turboflies caught 2/3 seatrouts and 1/2 salmons. The season before was much better but then I only had one turbofly. It was a Greenlander with a silver turbo conehead size M. The wing was about 5-6 cm and it caught 3/12 salmons in 16 days of fishing. From that I can say that they work. But do they work wonders, hmnmmm :dunno: I think that the key is still size and how you present the fly. But sure i certain angles the turbocone give the fly almost an wobbler effect and that's a bonus. In general you should use one size bigger turbo cone than you would have with regular brass or tungsten cones. I.e if a tube requires a size S tungsten cone use a M size Turbo conehead. Skitt fiske :headbang: :headbang: //Thomas
  19. Hi all Here's a Garry on tube for seatrout. I will take this to river Ljungan this spring. Very very soon OK very modern if you look into the original Wright pattern but I still think it has the general features of a Garry Dog. tag: silver wire tail: Seablue flurofibre rib: Mirage saltwaterflash body: rear1/2 Rainbow Lagartun Flatbraid, front 1/2 Black Lite Brite bodyhackle: black Whiting dryfly wing: Pearl Krinkle flash, red mirror flash, yellow fox, Red ice angelhair, red templedog, Rainbow angelhair fronthackle: Grizzly saddle dyed Teal Blue frontwing: Yellow fox body hair, 1/3 the length of the main wing sides: JC head: Gold or fluo yellow tungsten conehead tube: XS+M FITS A good fly for peaty water. Also main food for seatrout in early spring. //Thomas
  20. Hi all A simple fly this time. Really just a fancy version of the Sunray Shadow. However effective I think the original version of Sunray Shadow is a lame impression of a salmon fly. That's why I came up with this more dressed one some years ago. Sunray Shadow has a special place in my heart. My first salmon ever was on a Sunray Shadow. My first two Atlantic salmons was caught in river Orkla on the same Sunray Shadow. I still have it in a box together with my first salmon flies. I can't believe how many years that has passed since I tied them. Anyways, here's my version of the Sunray Shadow. It's named after my son Joar wich comes from Old Norse and means Charger on horse. tag: Silver wire tail: White Flurofibre rear body: Saltwater flash, black saddle ribbed with Lagartun silver miniflatbraid rear wing: Pearl Crystal Mirrorflash and white arctic fox (this wing supports the longer main wing) front body: Black Lite Brite, black saddle ribbed with Saltwater Flash. main wing: Peacock Crystal Mirrorflash, grey silver fox, black temple dog or good quality Sheeps Fleece, Purple ice Angel hair and 4 strands of peacock herl. front hackle: 2 black ringneck pheasant. front wing: Black body hair from fox or templedog, 1/3 of the length of the main wing. Tied in wide for silhoutte. sides: JC head: black thread or silver tungsten- or turboconehead. This fly is about 12 cm in total wing length. Not the biggest and not the smallest. Good luck tying it. It's a great catcher at evening/night or at daytime if you fish in Norways big rivers in June. //Thomas
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    Hi Micke I´m sure that Garry will work in Ljustorpsån. Have the fising there been any good for the recent years? A friend of mine went there for 7-8 tears ago i think it was in november and he had a fair seatrout fishing. Even though he almost froze to death, thin flakes of ice where flowing with the water. I live outside of Östersund but I´m not a native so I´m no "surjämte". I moved here with my family from Tänndalen a couple of years ago. I do 99% of my salmon fishing in Norway. I fish Stordalselva, Gaula but mostly Orkla since I think it´s a nicer river than the others. I also fish river Ljungan every spring for seatrout. It´s a perfect way to shape up your casting and adjust shooting heads before summer season in Norway. It´s also a good way to try out some new flies, sometimes I even catch a fish or two. Skitt fiske //Thomas Here´s a Garry tube that i will take to Ljungan very very very soon :headbang:
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    NICE FAT GARRY MICKE I suppose that you will take this one to Ljustorpsån Skitt fiske //Tompa
  23. Hello Jens I was not at all affended I just needed some clearification on your thought. Seeing your fly and also the ones tied ïn L.Bergqvist book on salmon flytying it´s obvious that it´s not a spey fly per definition. I tied some "proper" speys before with the tail feather from rooster but they gave an overdressed fly and that is not my aim with speystyle flies. I take out my speyflies when the salmon is cranky and shows no interest in whatever fly I present. I found out that a discrete speypattern fished quite rapidly on a sink2/3 line could work wonders on such conditions. I tie ONLY for fishing and never for show and that´s probably why I tend to scale down my speyflies when it comes to dressing. Since Thunder&Lightning have never been a spey style pattern I choose to keep the tag and butt. The JC sides are only for my eyes since the salmon never sees them anyway. BTW I think your speyfly looks nice with the right look, perhaps the wingsetting could be lower,but hey that's the freedom of being an artist :yahoo: Skitt fiske //Thomas
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    Tjena Micke Du får se till att kvickna till i ryggen snabbt. Snart drar fisket igång i Ljungan på allvar. Jag och polarn har flugbindar/öl seminarium ikväll. Bara Ljungankillers står på programmet. mvh Thomas
  25. Thanx for the cred girls and boys. I´ve been busting my ass of for some odd 15-20 years now in mostly Norwegian rivers in my quest for salmon and seatrout.' Speyflies always have a place in the box especially when times are tricky and at the end of a sink 2/3 line. Jens not quite sure if I catch your drift about "not really a spey style". For me this fly is very spey with the wininging, double tinsle/wire and all. OK the small wire crosses the bodyhackle but that´s just to make it more durable. What´s a proper spey to you? Tell me or tie one for show so I can learn. //tompa
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