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  1. Far from the original but an excellent fishing fly.
  2. More inspiration from Jens
  3. Got inspired by Jens
  4. Excellent pattern for greenish rivers on cloudy days. Got me a 9 lbs salmon last august on this pattern on a double size 5
  5. Never tried this fly as a spey, the colors attract me
  6. Something for late august salmon
  7. Hi Zach I´ve been tying tubes for more than a decade and my advise is don´t buy any converters or tube holders at all. They all have one thing in common, THEY SUCK!! Go to a taylor craft shop and buy yourself a felting needle. I think it will cost you about 1 $. It´s a needle with tiny barbs and it´s tapered in thrre steps. They have been on the market since about the 12th century but funnily the work super well with the FITS tube system. The grip well and comes off easily. All my buddies here in Sweden use them and there are never any worries. Good luck with the tubes. Here´s a link to a picture of the needle in question http://web.comhem.se/~u58707754/arbetsbesk...va/torrtova.htm skitt fiske // tompa
  8. Hi all When it comes to favourite flies this is mine. M Frödins Greenlander. I´ve alter this pattern so it´s even more a crossover between sliver&grey and green highlander. The dressing is: tag: silver wire tail: white flurofibre body: Saffron yellow lagartun flatbraid/ olive icedub body hackle: silver badger front hackle: natural grizzly saddle rib: Lagartun large wire wing: 2 strands pearl krinkleflash, bunch of olive hair, Chartreuse Ice angel hair, bunch of grey hair, bunch of black hair, over the wing a few strands Peacock Angel hair sides: JC head: XS fluo green conehead tube: Black M and transparent XS FITS Everytime i.e River Orkla is clear, in sun and overcast i use some version of this fly. I tie them as mini tubes, all double hook sizes and medium to very large tubes. This one has a 6 cm wing and it´s as we say in Swden "lagom", that is not to small/not to big. Skitt fiske //Tompa
  9. Hello Jens That´s a well tied Blue RAT and with the RIGHT colour blue. Not only good for Iceland my friend but in Norway as well. It´s an excellent fly for august grilse runs in Orkla. Skitt fiske! //Tompa
  10. Hi Here's a fat thunder&lightning that I'm going to use now in april for seatrout in river Ljungan. When i tie flies for seatrout I try to make them fatter and more bushy than the more slim and streamlined salmon versions. The tapering of the wing is still important though and I often use a longer body with more amounts of dubbing to make the wing impression fat. On this fly I have also used the original templedog technique with folded wings. Here's the dressing tag: Gold Lagartun wire and fluo red antron tail: Red fluro fibre Body: 1/2 Lagartun copper flatbraid 1/2 black Lite Brite rib: Gold lagartun wire body hackle: Fluo orange badger front hackle: Teal blue grizzly saddle wing: pearl and root beer krinkle flash, bunch of fierybrown hair, Crayfish orange angelhair, bunch of black hair. Over the wing 3 strands of Peacock krinkle flash sides: JC head: Gold conehead size XS tube: M+ XS FITS Quite simple to tie, I usually massproduce them since spring fishing for seatrout often means sinking lines and bottom snagging. Tight lines //Tompa
  11. Hello Jon Boy Those are some great tubes and they WILL catch salmon, no doubt. It's nice to see more tubes here on the forum, you cant't deny that they are excellent fishing flies. My favourite is the upper left one, reminds me of a Wille Gunn variant that I use. Keep tying them tubes!! //Tompa
  12. That was really really sad to hear. I never met Hywel since we live on different parts of the globe, but for about 3-4 years ago we started exchanging PM:s and email. We shared much the same thoughts of why we were tying flies and we also shared a lot of ideas in how to build a good fishing fly. We also shared the same profession, years ago Scotty worked as a sous chef and so am I. Scotty tought me how to tie his Olive Chieftain and my thoughts always go to him when I fish it. Cancer is the work of the evil men, and as such it should only happen to bad people. At least in my believe. I guess I was wrong. I hope the the warmth of his memory will help his family to stick through this. //Thomas
  13. Hi all I wanted to show the missing pieces for late fall sea trout, at least in my boxes. I'd also like to raise an interest in excange fishing. I aim this to UK anglers since I am afraid of flying, can't stand it, been to therapy, yadda yadda yadda.. I've always dreamed about fly fishing on the isles where the craddle rocks. I had a great opportunity when my sister was living in Kensington, Lnd but that was some years ago and at that time it was all about party, party wasn't it. So please read an consider.. EXCHANGE FISHING I read an article a couple of years ago about Swedish and UK anglers engaging in exchange fishing. It seemed interesting as a way to fish places abroad with good results without minute to minute planning, expensive hotels/transports/guides etc. It works like this. You will come to our place, stay in our home as our guest. Enjoying our cooking and perhaps a pint and single malt or two. I will show you my favourite waters, doing my best to guide you to good sports. And then VICE VERSA. I can offer sports mainly on two locations in the northern parts of Sweden where I live. First in the low lands in an unspoiled river that flows through very various and beautiful surroundings with grayling and brown trout. Sometimes the landscape is very rough with rocky outcrops and all of a sudden you’re in the book Wind in the Willows. The grayling is VERY prone to take a dry fly here, even in late fall. The average weight is just above the 1 lbs mark. But 2 lbs graylings are far from impossible. I hooked 3 graylings in five casts in July this year and they were all above 2 lbs. This reach is in the far upper parts in the river and not many people come here. I and my friends have been fishing here exclusively for some years now. The day ticket costs a little less than 3£. I have enclosed some pictures to this message to show just how lovely the river is. The second location is a very small highland loch, not far from the Norwegian border, that boasts a good stock of mainly arctic char but also brown trout. The loch is frequently visited by ice fishermen in the winter. In summer time I have met with one fly fisher in 7 years. It is a bit off road and there are other lochs more close that suites the holiday fisherman. I can almost guarantee exclusive water, besides us of course. None of us have ever come here without catching at least a char or two. The loch is located at approx 3000 ft above sea level in the highlands between Norway and Sweden and just spending time there is Red Bull for your soul. The higher peaks at 4000 - 5000 ft surrounds you and your tent, snow from the last winter months is still making its contrast and the air is light to breathe. Along the path to the loch we’re visitors in the land of grey wolf, lynx, wolverine, brown bear, rein deer and moose. We will for sure encounter birdlife such as grouse, black grouse, capercaille and hazel hen. Day tickets are about 4-5£. The most important thing is that you’ll always have a guide that will share his/hers honest opinion on the current game. Furthermore, it will probably not cost you more than a day ticket at your home waters. Sorry about some bad English, BUT if this sounds interesting at all drop me a PM.
  14. Hi all Thank you guys. I have posted the dressing for both flies in a new topic. Having never been to New Zealand I have no idea if this version of Gary will work on your sea trout, but probably if you use it in the right conditions. I use it late and early in the season when the water is cold. It's also a good fly for humus colored rivers but perhaps with a yellow tail instead of the blue one. I would love to go to New Zealand though, but I guess that means getting on an airplane so it's out of the question I'm afraid, unless I could hitch a ride with a marine or naval pilot. Tight Lines //Tompa
  15. Hi all Here's the dressing for the turbo tubes. GARY GLITTER GOLD tube: XS transparent + M black FITS tag: Gold Lagartun minibraid tail: Seablue Flurofibre or SLF rib: Large Gold Lagartun oval tinsel body: rear 1/2 Mirage saltwater flash, front 1/2 Peacock + Black firestar dubbing Body hackle: Black rooster ( I've used Whiting saddle) Front hackle: Grizzly saddle dyed Teal blue Wing: (from bottom to top): BOTTOM WING: 2 strands Krinkle Flash Rootbeer + 2 Krystall mirrorflash Yellow, Yellow templedog, 4-5 strands Crayfish Orange Angelhair. MIDDLE WING: Red templedog, sunburst templedog, 4-5 strands Red Ice Angelhair, 3 strands Peacock Krystall Mirror flash. TOP WING: Red templedog, 2-3 strands Rainbow Angelhair. FRONT WING: A small bunch of yellow tempeldog. 1/3 of the total length of the top wing. Tied in pointing forward then folded back over the top wing. sides: JC head: Gold turbo conehead. YELLOW WHITE WING: tube: XS transparent + M Fluo Yellow FITS tag: Gold minibraid tail: White or Electric Yellow Fluro fibre body: rear1/2 Saffron yellow flatbraid, 1/2 Mother of Pearl firestar dubbing rib: Large gold Lagartun oval tinsel wing: (bottom to top) BOTTOM WING: 2 strands Pearl mirror flash + 2 Krystall mirrorflash Yellow. Yellow templedog, 3-4 strands Electric Yellow Anglehair MIDDLE WING: Yellow temple dog, 3-4 strands holographic gold Angel hair, 3 strands Mother of Pearl Krinkle flash or Gliss n' Glow TOP WING: White templedog ( as white as possible, almost transparent) mixed with long strands of Mother of Pearl Firestar or Flashabou dubbing. sides: JC head: Gold turbo conehead I will try to remember to include the dressing for next time I´m posting. Don´t worry about all strange flash materials I list here, use what you have but do not deviate in color. Remember to taper the wings, tie them low and wide and don't over dress. The wing should be fat but transparent with strands of flash glistening inside. GOOD LUCK AND TIGHT LINES //Tompa
  16. Hi all Here's a turbo tube for the sea trout in november. I've used fairly large amount of flash since the water is gonna be cold. Garry is a favourite for many sea trout flyfishers in Swedish rivers, one could almost say that it is sea trout staple food. //Tight Lines Tompa
  17. Hi all Nice salmon Jens :yahoo: I suspected that the Turbo cones would work. I mean just look at the fly moving in the water. That "china hat" relly creates turbulance. To bad this season in Norway was really lousy most of the time. We had some good runs early in june but then it stopped. The runs of grilse and mid size salmon was very poor. I´ve heard a lot of explanations but in the end there's nothing worth bending and breaking over. As salmon flyfishers we simply have to accept that from time to time there will be poor seasons, even several in a row. Just remember in the 1990's. One good thing is that it prevents the hire for beats to run of charts. Anyway, in 9 days fishing I only caught one salmon at 8 lbs and it was on this fly presented here. The Yellow White Wing. A good fly for sunny days in clear rivers. I was supposed to fish for 14 days in august as well but one week before I took a bad fall in the mountains with a 60 lbs backpack, rods and all. My knee almost exploded and now I'm awaiting my second surgery. Forever Tight Lines //Tompa
  18. Hi all I´m gonna stick my head out and say that when it comes to salmon fishing in Tröndelag, Norway I may have some experience. So here it is for you Sebastian, a free peek into my boxes. Theese are the flies that I always bring. They have been remodelled over the years but in general they are the same as 10-15 years ago. The green flies like Greenlander and Grey & Green are for all season purpose when the river is clear. Greenlander for when it's sunny and Grey&green for cloudy days. The brown/orange flies is for when i.e Gaula or Orkla gets whiskey coloured. But sure I use Patakhorva on sunny days in clear water as well. BREAK THE HABIT!! Sillen I use mainly on early fishing in June when the water is high and cold but quiet clear, Other wise I use orange or black flies. Silver Wilkinson is mainly for early sea trout fishing but sure on clear and cold river the salmon finds the magenta colour irresistable sometimes. Tight Lines and Skitt Fiske :headbang: Tompa
  19. Hi DAvid Beautiful flies, simply beautiful. They seem to be able to move real well in the water. Tight lines //tompa
  20. Hi all I keep filling my boxes, only 28 days left now :headbang: I came by som old spey patterns in a magazine and they looked dangerous to me. I wanted som discrete patterns to use when the salmon is disturbed and takes a deeper resting hold. When this happens a discrete fly fished on a fairly heavy sinking line can be the medecine. Now. beeing far from an expert when it comes to spey flies I've been experimenting to get the wing setting right. I think I will stick with the one on the Gold Speal. The flies are tied on a #4 Partridge Bartleet and they are: Peter Ross Spey, Lady Caroline and Gold Speal //Tompa
  21. Damn I keep forgetting the pics Shape up !!
  22. Hi all I made a slight variation to the last Spey fly. I was aiming for a brighter more "golden green" fly for sunny days, when the river is surrounded by broadleaf trees suchs as alder and birch. At the end of june they make the my river almost golden green. I know of a pool where I'm gonna fish it on a intermediate or Sink1/2 line and quite fast if the conditions are right. Dressing: Tag: oval silver tinsel and yellow floss Butt: UV Orange Ice dub palmered with Coral red hackle and silver ribb Body: 1/2 Peacock Hareline Krystal, 1/2 Olive Brown Hareline Krystal /brush it out with velcro, Silver ribb Body hackle: Golden olive Marabou Front hackle: A couple of turns black marabou and natural teal Wing: Mallard Sides: JC Head: Black //Tompa
  23. Thanks for the cred! OK here's the dressing Tag: oval silver and yellow silk Butt: Orange STF dub and coral red hackle palmered and ribbed with oval silver tinse Body: Peacock Ice Dub ribbed with oval silver tinsel Body hackle: Dark olive marabou Front hackle: brown marabou and Teal colored Orange Wing: Mallard sides: JC head: Black Good luck! //Tompa
  24. Hi all! Some years ago Hywel posted a pattern called Olive Chieftain. Well I translated it into my own needs, a subtle spey fly with a bright "biting spot" for the times when the salmon is playing "hard to get". I just have to work on my winging skills for spey wings with mallard. I want to take theese bad boys to Orkla in at least 3 different sizes. This is a size 2 Partridge Bartleet. Tight Lines :headbang: //Tompa
  25. sorry forgot the pic
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