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  1. It´s really nice to be welcomed like this. I´m working on a photo presentation of the four seasons in my area, but since it´s the silly seasons is on, it´s gonna take until after new year. For the first time in 4 years I´m actually free from work on x-mas. I work as sous chef at one of the skiing hotels around here and right now is really busy times. But the head chef thought it was my turn this year. So tonight I´m celebrating with my family. NICE!! We are not going to celebrate the traditional swedish x-mas with smorgasbord, NO I have prepared something very special for tonight. With as much local ingredients as possible. How about this. Starter Toast with prosciutto, chantarell mushrooms, baked chevre and white truffles. main coarse Deeep graved salmon, trout and arctic char with a mousslin sauce with trout and salmon caviar. Served with seppia pasta, coctail tomatoes and deep fried leak and ruccola salat. Dessert Cloudberrysoup with blueberry pannacotta and rumflavoured white chocladfingers. I have an excellent selctions of wines from Zinfandel, Gewurztraminer and Cabernet Sauvignon to go with this. We´re eating in about 1 hour. Finally Tenndalen is located about 200 kilometers south of Lycksele, but in the mountain range. Merry x-mas //tompa
  2. My name is Thomas Persson 35 years old and I´m a new member on this forum. I live in the mountains of Northwest Sweden in a small skiing resort called Tenndalen about 10 miles from the norwegian border. My foremost flyfishing interests are the salmon fsihing in Norway. Sadly it has become such an obscession for me that I have more and more let slip of the fishing around my home. Wich is sad beacause we do have an excellent flyfishing around here for brown trout, arctic char and arctic grayling. Another great interest is flytying. I tie almost all types of flies but mainly salmon flies. Im lookin forward to many rewarding discussions here on the forum. Kind regards Thomas.
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