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  1. I spent close to $25 buying smallie specific flies for my first smallie exclusive trip last year. Got 0 hits on these. Ended up catching all my smallies on a purple beadhead woolly bugger. Seems to be fairly effective.
  2. My go to is a size 20 Griffith's Gnat. I've noticed that size fits most of the midges I see in SW Wisconsin. I usually go 16-18 for the dropper, which is almost always a midge larva or pupa.
  3. Hey everyone, just looking to see if anyone knows of good fly fishing opportunities in southern Indiana. I am relocating to Evansville soon and was looking for some insight on what's available for fly fishing. Thanks!
  4. It's great for scuds too. Wrap different types of bodies with krystal flash, flashabou, etc. and then add the clear stretch tube as the covering. It's a great scud pattern with a beadhead. Lots of flash. It's also used in a lot of midge flies. Much cheaper buying it at Walmart than at a fly shop.
  5. I found using a magnifier helps me tell small flies really well, down to 22 so far. It also helps with my eyes to let me tie larger flies for longer.
  6. Purple is good for woolly buggers. It's a great alteration that I've had a lot of luck with lately. I imagine the pink would work as well.
  7. Rfinn

    A to Z Swap

    I'll take C for Carrot Pupa. It's a midge pupa pattern.
  8. Rfinn

    A to Z Swap

    is the due date July 1 or did you mean Nov 1
  9. Mine came today, thanks for running the swap
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Rfinn: Flashanymph
  11. This month's flyfisherman magazine has this pattern in it: Hook: #4 Tiemco 5263 Thread: Black 3/0 Tail: Brown rabbit strip trimmed to end tuft Back: Black Closed cell foam trimmed into a long taper at the rear. Body: Spun dark cow elk or suitable alt. hair, trimmed. That is the pattern given in the magazine. It looks like a pretty solid pattern that if nothing else leads to some pretty violent strikes. I'd love to try this one out. There is also an article on the fly in the magazine.
  12. Mine are in the mail today.
  13. Flies done, need addy. PM to follow.
  14. Mine arrived yesterday as well, good job everyone
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