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  1. Most of us would give up tying and I would also choose to give up tying. however... most of us will still be able to tie well past the time when our bodies will not be able to hike to favorite spots or down steep banks to our favorite streams. Just thinking we may have to give up fishing before we have give up tying.
  2. enjoying the moment that is what it is all about. great pics nice catch
  3. Some of the biggest trout I have caught and watched others catch have been on muddlers. May catch more on wooly buggers but the big boys really like a muddler
  4. Thick tails yes, great for first tries. A gold rib looks good and helps make fly look segmented to. I tied awhile before my dubbing bodies began to look as good as what yours do. All in all nice ties and they should catch fish.
  5. Gravel guards - keeps gravel and sand from getting down inside your boots. The gravel in your boots can cause holes in your stocking foots (not to mention be very uncomfortable) I have long since lost mine.
  6. nice job. It looks nice and clear around the eye of the hook. You could hardy tie my first flies on the leader due to the big gobbs of material and thread around the head. Keep it up it is a great start
  7. I use a really big tackle box, where the trays fold up and out I have all my spools and tools there with the small stuff and the materials are in the bottom. It is great cause if I go on a fishing trip I throw the vice in and take the whole set up just in case I need to whip something up
  8. If you fish alot get the best pair you can afford. Good glasses make a huge differance. I just used whatever for a number of years and then tried a good pair and was amazed at the differance, no glare, able to see "into" the water. Since then they have been a big help to my fishing success. Remember to get a good strap to keep them from going swimming on you.
  9. Nice, honestly how many flies do we really need. I can think of a few cousins and nephews that would love to get a small carry package of flies. The trick is keeping my brother out of my boxes so I have some to give away. Another good thing to do is teach people to tie so they can get the bug themselves.
  10. four boxes 1 dry flies 1 nymphs/wet flies 1 streamers and buggers 1 terrestrials one side and midges on the other Am working on one more box of "go to" flies for days when I want to go far and go light.
  11. Those flies still catch their fair share of trout. They are classics for a reason. Later in the season wet flies tied sparse seem to work better.
  12. welcome! the forum is a great resourse with tons of great tips, ask away with questions and you are sure to get some helpful replies.
  13. like alot of things the right tools make the job so much easier and enjoyable. I love mine as well and tossed the spring style a long time ago.
  14. Good quality hackle not only makes a better looking fly but makes it so much easier to tie. The body dubbing looks pretty nice
  15. I gave away about 150 to my brother and have a shade under 500 for myself. Now that my boxes are full I would like to tie stuff for my Dad and friends and any replacements I may need due to loss.
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