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  1. Hi all I'm currently looking for a weight forward floating line to match my 8wt Sage XP...Haven't settled on any brand or make yet. I'm looking for something that can cast comfortably within the 50 foot range with pretty good accuracy but need be, I would be able to shoot a whole whack of line off? I'll be using this line mostly for steelhead and salmon in rivers but also pike and carp from my friend's flats skiff...Is there an all around line that blends average distance/accuracy and just plain distance together in one? Any help is much appreciated Thanks a bunch
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    Sage Fli

    Hi there I was wondering if anyone has tried the new Sage Fli series rods yet. None of the tackle shops around me have any in stock yet so I have not been able to cast them as of yet. How do they compare to other fast action rods that Sage has? At around $300 they are in my price range. Are there any other fast action rods out there around the $300-$350 (in Canadian $) price range? Any help is much appreciated Thanks a bunch
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