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  1. I just cleaned my bench... hmm didnt even realize that there was a desk under there. Clean tying bench by Phillip Krotine, on Flickr
  2. do any of you guys (or gals) know where I can get some cork popper bodies. formed or unformed I dont really care, just as long as I can hopefully find some! hahah. any help is appreciated, thanks!
  3. razor midge is my absolute favorite.
  4. It has worked very well. the thing that I like about it is, change the color of the hackle and swiss straw and you get another bug. now I must say I don't fish waters that get a whole lot of pressure, so fishing areas with higher pressure, I am not too sure how well that they would fare. OldHat, thanks for the reply, you are correct, the fly is fished dry. I will be looking for some longer hooks to tie this pattern on, because the small stream trout I fish a lot for seemed to have a hard time eating it. I attributed it to them not being big enough to eat it, but what you said makes complete sense, thanks for the reply!
  5. picture edited and materials added.
  6. caught on a size 10 H.E. nymph slooooow stripped.
  7. Renzetti traveler. it is my first vise from my beginner vise, and I really dig it. works great, I have tied 1/0 clousers, to size 30 midges, it can do everything. I love it.
  8. I found this fly on another forum, and did a "version" of it, on a little bit bigger hook. tell me what you think, probably not half as good as some of you guys Crack baby: PS sorry for the horrendous picture, I will post a better one tonight. Hook: Orvis 4864 (#16 Big Eye Dry) Thread: Danville 8/0 Black Body: Razor Foam, Swiss Straw Tail: Furnace Grizzly Hackel: Furnace Grizzly
  9. When I lived in Phoenix, these fish were in every canal system, and every pond connected to that canal. The best pattern I have found for them, is a simi seal leech in golden/flesh colored. much have a copper beadhead. I have tried them without and with black beadheads, and I didn't get 1/2 the hook ups I did with it. They are also very finicky fish if they are the least bit stressed. They are also, from what I've studied, and found out on my own, very territorial. about a size 12 or 14 simi seal in golden/flesh colored, with copper beahead. good luck!
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