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  1. Thanks, Roy. I've tried hard beeswax and softer 'white, refined' beeswax, melted with violinist's bow rosin. The result was rock-candy texture, so I added some paraffin oil. The result is ok, but too waxy and not tacky enough. I persuaded a pulp-and-paper mill analytical chemist to send me some 'tall oil', the raw by-product of the 'Kraft' paper pulp process. Some tall oil, melted into the mixture is tackier, and works quite well, but it smells like hydrogen sulphide(etc). I'll keep trying, because I wanted to add a wax that I like to my flyshop, taupo.com/flyshop. If I could find Overton, I'd just ask him to send me a case of his wax but, if I can't find him, I still want to try to make it.
  2. Overton's Wonder Wax has been unavailable for several years. Does anyone know contact details for Glenn Overton? (I couldn't find his Libby, Montana, phone number from directory assistance) Thanks.
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