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  1. No problems with Uni, but I bought some pretty crap Danville spools that kept breaking. I'll be staying away from Danville.
  2. First, sorry to all of those who have participated in the last few swaps that I have been in... I'm the reason they've been slow. Now to the issue. I've participated in a number of swaps now and the past few times I've sent my flies, they have either been seriously delayed or returned to me. I can only assume that it has something to do with sending animal hair and feathers across the border (I'm in Canada)... has anybody else had this problem. How do I avoid border delays? Are my swapping days over? Again, I'm sorry for the slow packages.
  3. I thinks I saved a lot on my first combo... my local fly shop (Grand River Troutfitters, Fergus Ontario... shameless plug) has an extensive education program for every skill level. For some of these courses, they need to supply all of the equipment. Every few years they buy new equipment, and clear out the old. The last time they did this, I picked up a complete combo for $99... I got a 9' 5wt TFO Lefty Kreh Signature Series Rod, an Orvis Battenkill disc drag reel, line and backing. It was used, but in fantastic condition. As my skills grew I began to upgrade... first I added a high quality specialty taper line. The next big step was adding a higher quality reel (Battenkill Large Arbor Trout Reel) . When I did this, I was able to give the original reel to a friend. I have yet to upgrade the, as I quite happy with the quality of the TFO. I may upgrade in the future, but only because I would prefer a 4 piece ans opposed to my 2 piece. This was a great way for me to get into the sport. I started with good equipment, and improved it slowly, as I went. Keep your eyes open for these kind of sales, as they are a cheep way to get a hold of quality gear. It's a bit more than some of the Wal-Mart combos mentioned in this thread, but the quality is incomparable. Chris
  4. Several times a week you can find me in "Grand River Troutfitters" in Fergus, Ontario (www.grandrivertroutfitters.com). How many fly shops are on the banks of a blue ribbon trout stream? If you walk out the back door of Troutfitters, you'll find yourself on the banks of Ontario's Grand River. It's an incredible location, a top notched shop and a full service guiding outfit! Great staff, great guides and a great selection of products! Troutfitters is a must visit, when fishing the grand.
  5. My home is a ten minute walk from where some of these pictures are taken... during trout season I'm on The Grand 3 - 4 days a week. In July I'll drive an hour south for Some of the best Smallmouth fishing in Ontario.
  6. Give me a month to tie every Pike, Muskie and Bass fly conceived by man. Give me Helios Rods and Loop Opti reels in every size and weight, to accommodate for all conditions and presentations. Then, during first week of September put me and my wife (If we're dreaming here, she would need to grow an appreciation for Fly Fishing) in a Ranger Boat on Lake of the Woods in Northern Ontario. We would fish for Smallmouth, Giant Muskie and Suicidal Pike from dawn till after dark. The perfect day! Me, my best friend, great gear, phenomenal game fish all set on one of the greatest fisheries in the world. I'm sure I'm going to add a few more to this thread
  7. Great fly. Did you tie it for pike? That's what I would use it for. It looks a lot like the Woolly Bully... the only difference is that you spun deer hair for the head, and the bully uses rams wool. My guess is that your fly would be a lot more durable. I'm going to give your version a try.
  8. Thanks for all your hard work Will... this has been my first FTOTY experience and it's been a real thrill!
  9. I did have a similar experience, but not with my wife. A friend was over and he brought his two teenage kids. I was showing them how fly tying worked... they were quite interested. I offered them each a fly. The boy took one of my big perch patterns that i tied with EP fibers. He figured he could catch some pike with it. The girl inspected all of my flies intensely and chose a clouser pattern imitating a rainbow shiner... it had some purple, some lavender, some blue crystal flash and red eyes. She said it was the prettiest fly I had. Go figure
  10. At first glance I didn't think much of this fly, but once I saw it wet I was sold. I have already tied up 6 for the pike box. Well done.
  11. Sounds like there are some great wives out there... you can add my wife to the list. For Christmas she got me a new 10' 7wt rod for steelheading... a month later, for my birthday, she matched that up with the Orvis Battenkill large arbor big game reel. As if that wasn't enough, last night she gave me SA's Mastery Series Steelhead line. She is the best wife!
  12. Oops, I wrote that trout starts on the last Saturday in March... it's the last Saturday in April. In response to firetiger: I've never had any success with ice fishing. I can't find a sink tip heavy enough to get through the ice (lame joke). No I don't ice fish. I've done it a bit, but I find it can get pretty boring. In response to DHise: I tie a lot of flies... more than I need. I also read a lot.
  13. Trout opens the last Saturday in March and runs until Sept. 30 Bass opens the last Saturday in June and runs through Nov. 30 Pike are closed during their spawn, and re-open in April February is the hardest month for me... I haven't been on fish since mid November, my fly boxes are full, all equipment is ready and I still have close to 2 months to wait.
  14. hey there Misty-River! Welcome. I think you and I are going to need to talk... my wife is from Ottawa (originally from Orleans, but her parents now live in Greely), and we try to visit in the summer and fall. I've never fished in the area, but hope to this July. Maybe you could point me in the right direction. I'll fish for anything! Chris
  15. Giant pike and muskie patters... stuff with feather, flash, rattles, foam, eyes etc.
  16. That fly will fish great in the Grand (in Ontario). I'll be tying a pile of those
  17. Canadian! I live on the banks of Ontario's Grand River, in the town of Fergus.
  18. 45 days and counting... the water is too hard. Nice fish!
  19. Need an address... will send January 1
  20. I asked my wife for a set of (22 colors) Pearsal's Gossamer Silk Thread, Ceramic Bobbins, Partridge Cape and some new fine scissors. I got none of it. Instead I had one box from my wife to open... inside was a brand new 9'6" 7wt Orvis Clearwater II with tube. I didn't get anything I asked for, but I was pretty thrilled! Oh yeah, my in-laws gave us a 40" Toshiba HD 1080P LCD TV. That was pretty cool!
  21. Lewy, great Pike flies! I tie a lot of big pike flies, and would love to tie some "She's My Pushers". By the way, is it named after the Crystal Method song "She's My Pusher"... great song!
  22. I would tie a number of sizes, 4/0 being the middle of the road... as I'm sure you know, Peacocks can get big, and most big fish like big meals, especially in the Amazon. If it were me, I would have them up to 8". Good luck
  23. Well, I've never fished in the Amazon, but I was once told that a HUGE crease fly with a BIG rattle built into it is a super productive surface fly. Here is a video that might help, if you've never tied a crease fly I'm pretty sure you want to tie it larger than in this video, and tie a bunch! Peacocks are hard on flies! I hope you enjoy your trip! It's one of my dream locations for sure!
  24. I'm in! I love this swap theme! I'll be submitting what is essentially a Hendrickson nymph with a simple-stupid, top secret finishing touch that makes it deadly... it's my go to simply because it is also a great all purpose brownish, olive nymph. If it's okay, I'll send it in 14 and 16. (I usually carry it in 14 - 18) My bonus fly will be a partridge and green with a glass bead thorax.
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