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  1. Ya the one I tied early last week you know.
  2. This is always a hard one I have many flies that go un-named, because I don't copy other people's flies it makes it easy not rename flies. I only tie what I catch mostly chironomids. I guess one of the best examples is my 38 I named because I got Brian Chan to test it one day and a couple days later he called and said he wanted a refund he caught 38 fish on it before it fell apart.
  3. I have one thats 12yrs old and its 1 1/8"
  4. I have used the turbo dubbing block for years, but now I don't commercial tie I rarely use it. Wire was slippery so I used head cement. Now a days I am back to dubbing loops and do not need anything other that the thread I use. ron
  5. See this is why fly shops are closing to online ordering. There are those online business's who list everything but don't have everything in stock (this where they order items they don't have) so it takes longer to get and order, for the business is waiting to get the items it does not have in stock. This is why sometimes you get an order post haste and other times you have to wait along time. If the online shop would own up to this it might go better, but wait is this the same complaint about fly shops? (I go to the fly shop and they never have what I want)
  6. I know in my shop I used to help newbies get started tell them which flies to use and when. We gave fishing reports, rod building info, and tying advise. When I had my shop I could tell what people were tying by what materials the purchased. I gave the customers the best prices I could and more times than not I was cheaper than the local big box. I also supported local charities and childrens groups. I miss the interaction with customers and like interacting with them now that the store is gone; just to see what they have been up to and how fishing is going, many wish that we had a store, but It's not for me anymore can't make it on just fly fishing. I helped so many get started and am glad to see them advance in the sport. Its not the pickle barrel and fire but it was fun. xpman
  7. Okay here it goes with fly shops falling everywhere online has become one of the only sources of materials for tiers. I know that many order online tying materials sight unseen and without the ability to cherry pick materials how many items have you bought that was wrong or poor quality? That bag of marabou you got for a dollar was below standards or wrong shade and was not worth returning, so has anyone added up the mistakes and still think ordering online is worth it? xpman
  8. I started tying for friends and then their friends I moved up to a store and added resorts. This took time, but if you can sit down and tie a hundred flies in one sitting you have the stuff. You really have to like tying I would commercial tie and then to slow down I would tie my own flies. I still do friends but most of my tying is for my shop now. ron
  9. I have sent back some regal vise's that looked like the edges were eaten away. Mind you over ten years I only sent back 3 or 4 jaws, while the jaws for my barracuda have been sent back many times for matting. I sent five jaws back and dynaking wanted over a hundred dollars to redo them.
  10. I found that over the years the jaws will break if the hook slips out or if you try to pinch the barbs of hooks.
  11. In British Columbia Canada scenting flies is considered bait fishing and on some rivers and streams its prohibited.
  12. Ya plan your flies have the materials for each fly including hooks.(don't ask) Store each fly in it's own bag. I use a large foam to display flies; its also handy to tie flies you need. I also use clothing that makes a good back drop for the fly. Have fun, ron
  13. I don't think there's a fly shop out there without a bargin bin I know I've always had one. I never have understood the argument about prices going up. Prices change for what ever reason lack of stock gas prices, etc, etc, so when do you put up prices? You think you have high prices try buying the same items with a canadian dollar. (30 plus percent more) I would not buy a natural item over the web; how do you know what kind of shape it will be in like saddle hackles. When I am shopping for one I go through looking for the one I want. This part of tying has not changed when I want an item I go through the whole peg to find the best quality item can't do that mail order. Even man made items will differ die lots change for what ever reason. I would like to know how many unwanted items do people get and because it cost too much shipping to return they get stuck with that item.
  14. That's cool I have the Sportsman book that has pages like that.
  15. Wow dude congrats! I am almost to where you were and I want to work towards where you are now. I am 58 now but dropping weight like that could make me feel much better into the golden years. I envy your courage. ron
  16. Boxes are never really full I cull mine every year of the ones I think I can tie better or don't like, or I have made improvements. Sometimes I even buy another box. I do have an R&D box. I give, sell, or just throw away more than most people own, but I was a commercial tier so materials are not a problem along with hooks and beads. cheers ron
  17. Remember use the proper dubbing for the job. There is a dubbing for every purpose dry flies: antron or super fine dubbing; use these because they don't absorb water. leeches/streamers: You will want a dubbing that flows or breathes so longer fibers are wanted natural or synthetic nymphs: look at rabbit or squirrel (these have guard hairs) to look more buggy There are new materials like UV products or just plain marabou and things like llama, hares mask, or any of the wools (you might cut up). I use mostly a dubbing loop now but I have used all the techniques for dubbing. Like it has been mentioned you just want fuzzy thread you can always add more.
  18. I have been tying on a Barracuda for 11yrs even though the jaws have to be refurbished (which costs) its been good.
  19. Okay say 15 to 20g's in tying materials (tools not included) over the last thirty something years.
  20. I'm from Kamloops and do mostly lake fishing we are a couple hours away from kelowna and one of the best guides here is Brian Chan (Riseform fly fishing) You can look up Brian Chan fly patterns for lake patterns.
  21. September is a good time of year to fish BC and fly selection can vary from stream to lake. I don't know Kelowna area that well but you should use a 5 or 6 wt rod usually 10'. I use a gold rolled muddler in a size 8 and black egg sucking leech for streams. When it comes to lakes its a good time of year to use leeches usually sizes between size 12 to 8 in a 2x hook we use simi seal black and red, olive, and black with a god bead. For lake flies try goin to Go fish BC in region 3 or any link with Kamloops fly fishing. cheers ron
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    Just try tying with stainless salt water hooks when you don't cover the point. I tell you when the point hits the bone in your finger it makes you jump; the only good thing is the point can make it to the bone but the barb does not get into your finger. Do this a couple of times and you will find the right size corkie to cover the hook point. ron
  23. You wanna talk obscene I think in spools approx. 200 to 250 plus four skeins for tying. I think I have 30 to 40 rod building.
  24. Dyna King makes you pay after two years and they do wear down.
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