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  1. I order most all of my tying stuff from www.jsflyfishing.com , their prices are better than anywhere I've found. Their customer service is great also. I've never been disappointed by the quality for their materials.
  2. First of all, I want to thank you for doing this. I'm a home school student (senior, will be pursuing a degree in either fisheries or environmental science come fall) and an avid tier. Often times home school kids are not allowed to do things like baseball, football, and basketball once they get to middle school. Just not enough interest for rec leagues to have teams in that age group. Instead they have to find other extra-curricular opportunities such as this. I wish I had something extra to send you, but I do some occasional classes myself and need all the extra tools I have. Check out www.jsflyfishing.com . They have vises for as cheap as $6-$8. Maybe you could offer the kids a chance to buy a tool kit for x-amount of dollars to help fund it all. They would have the opportunity to buy a tool kit for less than retail value, and you wouldn't have to spend as much $.
  3. I've yet to find a pattern I can't tie properly, but at the same time there are days when a wooly booger will give me fits.
  4. I'm working on some "decorative" patterns to put in a shadow box for my graduation display in May. I've been playing around with some salmon flies and classic wets (I'll probably have an old cane rod I refinished on the display also), but I haven't decided on the patterns yet. I'm thinking four classic wets (one in each corner of the box) with a large salmon fly in the middle. So far I've settled on parmachene belle and royal coachman, and some kind of red, white, and blue American Flag looking fly. I'll probably come up with the American Flag pattern myself, I just need one other pattern. I also need to pick a salmon fly pattern. I'm fine with doing married wings, but 15 different colors married together may be a tad over the top. Luckily, since they are going in either a frame or shadow box, I'll only need one wing. That will give me a little more freedom to get fancy. I'm more concerned with cost than difficulty. What patterns would you suggest? I'll probably tie them on #6 hooks, with the Salmon fly on a #2. Thanks, Sam
  5. If you want to get technical rainbows, cutts, brookies, lake trout, blueback trout, bull trout, etc. are not actually trout. Just brownies. Brookies by far. Finding them is half the fun...
  6. Streamers, although buck tail is a major pain to work with. :wallbash:
  7. If RBL said he sent them out then they are on the way. He can not get on here from school or library and his home computer is having problems. I guess I can take most of the heat here because I told him I would send out his address to anyone who needs it. If you had a problem then you should have PMed me like I asked, because I don't get a chance to check this site much. I know RBL personally and like I said, if he says he sent them then they are on the way. Sorry guys, my fault.
  8. Rainbowlover is having internet problems and asked me to help him out a little. If you need his addy send me a pm and I will get it to you. Tight Lines, Bub
  9. Notice it says www.fishinghurts.COM meaning the money that is donated to help save those poor little sea kittens is paying for somebodys hot tub.
  10. I can assure you the criminals won't buy illegal semis because we all know they are afraid to do something illegal. :wallbash:
  11. 17/0 Thread, the best stuff since they invented the rotarty vise.
  12. I got a chance to stop by Unicoi Outfitters today and was pretty excited to see this article in Fly Fish America. And on top of that the Rabbit Rat was featured next to Day5's spider craw, which was a true honor. :yahoo:
  13. I saw a fox in the back yard Wednesday a little after lunch time. Needless to say I have kept a close eye out. To many munchkins running around the house to have a rabid fox. :bugeyes:
  14. I can tell you from experience this rod is great for a kid to learn. It's cheap and works great. Plus it is very light, which helps a TON for long trips. http://www.troutlet.com/Eagle-Claw-Granger...-Rods-P216.aspx This one is good too, at a much better price. http://www.troutlet.com/Eagle-Claw-Feather...-Rods-P217.aspx
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