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  1. I think we put the nail in the coffin of the weekly fly tying contest.
  2. Can I get in? Maybe be an alternate if someone has to drop out? Thanks.
  3. I can do a hand whip finish just as quickly and accurately as with the tool - but I usually use the tool - the rough fingers thing comes into play here. I used to be a rock and ice climber and a whitewater rafter/kayaker - we used to have a saying - "If ya can't tie a knot - tie a lot!" For me 1 whip finish is a good knot - 2 half hitches or more... learn the whip finish. (Of course, as in almost all fly tying, there is a time and place for everything.) BTW I make nice whip finish tools.
  4. Thank goodness there's still tomorrow. It was my idea so I wanted to participate - I'm gonna be doing a demo of this fly in March so I wanted to practice it some before. This is my second go at it, but I've tied a bunch of classic "Bergman" wets. This is a Bog Pond wet fly Hook Mustad 3906 This is a size 6(new style apparently - micro barb and really heavy...) Thread Black 6/0 Danville Flymaster Tail - Golden Pheasant tippet fibers Body - Black chennile - this is size "fine" Wing - Mottled turkey wing quill slips Hackle - Grizzly hen neck. I'm not sure I understand the idea of the half way picture - my wife had the camera when I was tying so I tied a half of the fly and another complete fly and managed to get 1 decent picture of them both. Thanks for looking and to those who submitted a fly this week.
  5. Dang I missed out. I was gonna tie a Mickey Fin - Life gets in the way...
  6. It's not intended that only 2 people participate. Why not put your contribution in? Maybe it shouldn't be a contest - just a weekly suggested fly/type so that the thread will show a bunch of different variations on a theme each week.
  7. I have made a proposal for the next contest in the voting thread - it can be found here: http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=63810&view=findpost&p=489374
  8. It looks like this should be declared a tie. I would like to make a proposal for the next contest. How about a 4 part wet fly - that is only 4 parts beside the hook and thread - so basically a simple wet fly with a tail of 1 material, a body of 1 material, a simple 1 material wing, and 1 material hackle. If you want to add a tag you would have to forfeit another part like no tail or add a rib and forfeit the wing as in a soft hackle... Get the idea? We can start this as of this post and perhaps have pictures posted by Sunday morning and voting on Sunday to close at midnight EST. Any interest?
  9. OK I made it in this time... This weeks contest is another type of fly I rarely tie - a midge, after last weeks emerger that I said I would try but never got to. So I decided I would combine the two and tie a midge emerger. I guess I would call this an olive midge emerger. Pattern Hook - Orvis big eye size 20 Thread = 6/0 bright olive green tail = cream polypro body = olive haretron wing cases = white closed cell foam In progress: Completed. All comments/critiques welcome.
  10. I dont tie the best, but i'd be in for it. It'd be my first swap!! I believe the typical swap protocol is to tie one fly for every other tier in the swap - so that in the end everyone gets a full set. (Of course it's polite to tie a few extras for the swapmeister or throw in some other tidbit in appreciation of the effort)
  11. Dang I missed it! I had a good idea but did not get the chance to tie it in time. Maybe I'll still tie it up and post it today, just for kicks and giggles.
  12. I don't really fish emergers so I don't tie them either. That's ok though - it may inspire me. (I used to think soft hackles were stupid with so little materials, but I have come to love the sparseness and the challenge of keeping them so "dainty.") C'mon guys don't make me be the only entry... Thanks
  13. I am looking forward to the next one. I should be able to participate.
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