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  1. That is just the link I was getting ready to post. Their bucktails are great.
  2. If the Mine Sweeper is like a Zoo Cougar, then Kelly Galloup's Sex Dungeon is the same. is a YouTube video of him tying one. Here is a step-by-step of a Zoo Cougar.
  3. Good looking bunch of flies. Keep us posted.
  4. I either use a real threader or the dental floss style.
  5. Mean Green v.2 Hook: TMC 2488 Body: Olive Ice Dub Rib: Silver Wire Wing: Krystal Flash - Rainbow Bead: Silver Tungsten Thread: Uni 70
  6. Sorry about the shot, I didn't want to drag out the lights last night to get the shot. Hook: TMC 2488 Body: Olive Ice Dub Rib: Silver Wire Bead: Silver Tungsten Thread: Uni 70
  7. Beautiful cover Will. I can't wait to receive mine.
  8. Recent tie for a Soft Hackle Swap I hosted on another board. Hook: 200R Body: Light Brown Stretch Tubing Thorax: Light Tan Superfine Dubbing Hackle: Tan Partridge Thread: Light Tan Uni 70
  9. Try stopping by an unfinished furniture store. They usually have a good supply of desks that would suit you. I would be careful with that glass and the c-clamp on your vise.
  10. Dyna-King Barracuda. Incredible job holding hooks from 4/0 down to 24 (smallest I will tie).
  11. TMC, Daiichi and Eagle Claw for me. But that being said, the only Eagle Claw I use is the jig head style for tying Clousers.
  12. Great photography and incredible flies.
  13. Thanks Jan. I really like it and it catches fish for sure. That is a tiny little fly but I like. Best, Steve
  14. Sorry that the head is a little messy. I was tired when I tied and photographed this one. The Basic Peabody Hook: Tiemco 200R Thread: UTC 70 - Olive Body: Four to Six strands of peacock herl Rib: Fine copper wire (counter-wrapped over the herl) Hackle: Olive Hungarian Patridge
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