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    Flexi Spider

    My new fly tying video https://youtu.be/AHsJ0biZKYw
  2. here my last fly tying video https://youtu.be/xEPAqQmFuZA
  3. Hi, Here my new fly tying video; subscribe to my YouTube channel!, https://youtu.be/0-Vp2_hWLBc
  4. Hi, Here an egg-fly imitation with a new fly tying material, Eggstacy Yarn. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like my videos https://youtu.be/6HfpmekJs5U
  5. Hi, another fly tying video from my YT channel: the Chamois Nymph. subscribe to my channel! https://youtu.be/5L6L-Skra0Y
  6. Hi, here my new video from my YT channel; the wet version of the dry fly E-12 (Europea 12) I hope you like it and you subscribe! https://youtu.be/R3ZVll8P-YE
  7. here my new fly tying video for a mini streamer; subscribe to my new YT channel for new fly patterns! https://youtu.be/AQKaE1AqmTg
  8. Hi , This is my new fly tying video, I hope you like it!... and subscribe to my YT channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIzC3dvPMiU&feature=youtu.be
  9. Hi, I tie counterclockwise because I started many years ago in this way, it is irrelevant! I will follow your recommendations!
  10. hi, another videos from my Youtube channel, I hope you like it!..
  11. Hi all, I have a new Youtube channel, homemade videos!! I hope you like them..here my last video https://youtu.be/F81dx_mWcj4 thanks
  12. I'm using vinyl glove with a great successu! they are best of latex glove, but I' would like to know is is possible made shell back in various colors.
  13. hi all, I'm curious: I'd like to know what kind of chemical substance-material I must use to built my personal shell back (or body stretch) for my czech nymphs back. Do you have info, web site? thanks Flytec
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