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  1. I have read and reread Gary L's work and his claim of the emergent pupae patterns effectiveness are based on using the "blended" fibres (dyed and clear). I have yet to find this "blended" yarn at flyshops or craft stores. I use the The readily available "sparkle yarn" as a dubbing blend, wrap it as a body for soft hackles (works great for larger sizes) and have had success with emergers tied with it also. I'd like to try the right stuff for comparison. Greycliffe Publishers (on the sponsor banner) claims to have the blended yarn for the emerger patterns. I've been avoiding it because its pricey, I guess I'll order some and check it out.
  2. Marty, give me a call. We can suck up some suds and tie a few.
  3. QUOTE Who is bringing the spare liver I'm not sure, but I'm sleeping with 1 eye open. Wouldn't want to wake up in a bathtub full of ice!
  4. Don't know about the Canadian side, but theres a couple over here. Fly shops near detroit
  5. You might see if you can squeeze a little here... picketpin
  6. I'm bustin' a gut here man! My brother and sister-in-law are "Damn Yankees". Clemson S.C. If you'd make grits from hominy (like any self-respecting hick) instead of feed corn, I might have some with my breakfast! Okra, fried...yes, boiled...yuk! Bud light will suffice, hope they are well stocked! You may have to come up with a little more than that for the jug! QUOTE If you see a car with a turn signal on, DON’T TRUST IT!! Either the driver accidentally turned it on while reaching for another beer or someone else who owned the car turned it on and he doesn’t know how to turn it off. LMAO!!!!
  7. Okay, so we've gone from the "ship of fools" to "armada of idiots"! Works for me! Btw, Ralf. My trailer guy will hook us up!
  8. I'm off the box for a couple days and the place goes to hell in a handbasket! How did I get involved in photo wars anyway? Do we have a convoy headed down there now? I reserved cabin #1, should I reserve another? Geez, I think I'm out of the loop! LOL
  9. Welcome! Check out the destinations forum, we are planning a trip to N. Central Pa. in the spring. You should try to make it up. There are a lot of folks from Pa. on the site.
  10. Airhead

    A stonefly

    I'm not sure to the species level, but that is the eastern equiv. of a Salmonfly. I have seen adults on at least 5 streams in Mi. Ussually around the 4th of july, I've never seen enough for the fish to be keying on them however. Just the occasional adult flapping about aimlessly.
  11. If you have a day or long afternoon, come over and check out Cabela's in Dundee, Mi. it's about an hours drive from the bridge or tunnel. You won't be disappointed, except for the exchange rate! LOL If you're interested I can give you detailed directions.
  12. Now I'm really bummed I'll miss this one. Well, Pat at least they'll keep each other entertained! They make a great pit crew too!
  13. Great thread guys! I'm not sure you can judge interest by who posted. I have come back to this thread at least 8 times, just to soak up the info! You finally guilted me into posting. Here in Michigan, most of us don't get the chance to fish flush hatches more than a couple times a year. Even at that many of our streams simply do not have large populations of free rising trout. Many times a strong hatch is met with only passing interest by a few fish. Last year during a spinner fall of very large Hex's, I stood in the drift line and filled my hand with bugs in a couple seconds, yet only a few small fish were feeding sporadically on the thousands of meaty chunks available. Getting them to take an imitation was a matter of blind luck. The next enening (no spinner fall ) dozens of fish in the same stretch slashed at emerging caddis in the film. A swung wet fly took these fish. To answer the question, I guess I prefer to fish during Caddis activity, most times with wet flies.
  14. Airhead

    Just want to...

    I talked to a guy in Tampa yesterday, It'll be almost as warm up here new years eve. Happy Gnu Year!
  15. I may be game, you've got my interest for sure! If a commitment for lodging is required early, pick a date and let's see if it flies. I'm all for camping too!
  16. Santa brought me some clothes, a leatherman and these little gems: A set of 2 with a small case, perfect for a vest pocket, $20. Thats a #8 stonefly BTW. Craftsman. On Monday, I took a gift cert and my Cabela's bucks shopping! Scored a 5pc Stowaway 3wt, C1 cimmarron, a new vest, Cherry C&R net, C&F midge box, another layer of fleece and some do-dads.
  17. Don't think you'll run into any numbers of fish close to Windsor. On the U.S. side the Huron (lk Erie trib.) and the Clinton (St Clair trib.) both get a few fish, but substantial pressure too. Both are around and hour drive from windsor. I don't think any of the tribs on your side get any fish to speak of. The Thames (north of Windsor) gets a great Walleye run, if there is ice, that is an option. Also the Mitchells Bay on St Clair has fantastic perch fishing at times (ice taxis, shanties available on the Canadian side). Most of the tribs. on the canadian side have been straightened and diverted for agriculture, coupled with a lack of deep water access near the mouths and no planting programs make Steelhead on those tribs a long shot. I could be wrong though!
  18. I've been checking out Taneycomo as well, seems to fish well Feb. & Mar. and should be a little esier to get to.
  19. St Croix is a great company to deal with, I own 3, fortunately I have not had to test their policy, but I know many people who have. All were 100% satisfied with their service.
  20. QUOTE So what do you all think about this project? A good thing? Futile? Muddling with Ma Nature? Any ideas about why they'd dissapear, and for so long? I think it's a great idea to give it a try! What about a food source? Is there a particular food item that is critical to juvinile developement missing in Logan? Some species are totally dependent on a specific source of food during certain instars. Is information on the dining habits and availability of forage in Logan been compared?
  21. Airhead

    Happy Birthday SD

    Happy burfday to you, happy burfday to you, happy burfday, you big ugly sasquatch looking f'er, happy burfday to you!
  22. There all dumb Will, just stubborn! Funny thats what my wife says about fisherman!
  23. We'll be starting at the spot! We'll see from there. JJ check your messages please!
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