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  1. I may be game. My wife is planning a trip to Az. sometime in Jan. though. Her trips trump mine. Guess I can't complain!
  2. Ten Years After? Yes! I'm Goin' Home and a little bit of Choo Choo Mama are on the Woodstock album. BTW, not just fast. He is an accomplished Blues guitarist also. At one time (late 60's early 70's) He was as sought after a studio guitar as Beck, Page or anyone for that matter.
  3. Lotechjoe, have you ever seen him play? Saw him about 15 years ago @ a small club with his bassist Fuzzy and his little brother Ricky on drums. His hands were a blur the whole show, but you could hear every note! Good mornin' little schoolgirl, Choo-Choo Mama, Hard Monkey. Speaking of vinyl, I need a fix!
  4. Yep, beer. I tie a mighty ugly fly too!
  5. Wow! Bob Mould, I need to dust off some old cd's. I saw him a few years ago at a small club, what a great show. Alvin Lee (Ten Years After) Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath)
  6. Hey, don't I get 2.5 points? I got Coffin Fly right!
  7. Grey Drake, aka Coffin fly?
  8. Fish or no, we'll have fun. Heading out early am, nighty-night.
  9. Airhead

    Walleye Chowder

    Haddock would be great in this recipe. Any firm, mild, white meat fish will do. Smaller fish ie; bluegill,perch etc... don't work very well, they break up too easily. For some reason salmon doesn't taste right.
  10. If you had Cranefly larva in the sample, you must have had a high water event, as they are terrestrial larvae that burrow in the streambanks. It wouldn't surprise me if the slug was washed from the same moist streambank as the Cranefly larvae. Another possibility is that a person or animal broke up soil crossing the river upstream, or maybe erosion dumped a slide in.
  11. 8-10 med. potatoes- peeled and diced 1 large onion- diced 2-3lbs walleye- cut in 1x1" squares 1 stick butter 3-4 cans cream of celery soup (how thick do you want it?) 3-4 cups milk or water (again...) 3-4 bay leaves- whole cilantro (plenty if you like it) oregano- couple pinches rosemary-couple pinches cracked black pepper- pinches rosemary-same crushed red pepper- to taste, but don't overdue it. a pinch of this or a pinch of that... Layer from the bottom up potatoes,onions,spices,fish in large pot simmer in butter and a little water. Start the potatoes as you prep onion... Do not stir, simmer till potatoes are just tender. Heat soup and milk (water) in smaller pan. Pour over fish etc. when hot. Simmer gently, stirring ocassionally. Treat it gently as not to break up the chunks of fish, and enjoy!
  12. I have not seen a comprehensive list of emergence behavior online. I would suggest 2 books; Selective Trout by Dave Swisher and Carl Richards, it explains the emergence sequence of Mayflies, Stoneflies and Caddis and includes emergence charts for all areas of the country. The 2nd is Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine, A must read for those who fish waters inhabited by Caddis (that would be everybody).
  13. Oh, that hat. It never was much luck anyway!
  14. Let me know, we can meet somewhere. I have room if you can pull an overnighter. Check your PM's. Ralf, wheres my hat?
  15. Didn't get the # Check your messages JJ! Mcfly? You in?
  16. Thanks! You gonna be there over the weekend?
  17. Can I buy a Pa license on line? Anybody have a link?
  18. I've got a trailer reserved at the Thunderbird, for Friday and Saturday night. I plan to be there around noon on Friday, and fishing by afternoon. If you're looking for a place to crash, I've got room. Shoot me a private message and we'll arrange a meeting. Give me some time to reply, things are hectic around here the next few days. Praying for rain.
  19. I'll be sure to let you know! Fishing here, for the most part is pretty slow. So the Pa. sounds great. I'll wear my flack jacket! Looks like the rain they're getting isn't amounting to much. Still got a week.
  20. That would be cool! I'll keep you updated.
  21. A buddy and I are thinking about a trip friday-sunday over the holiday. If anyone will be up, we'd like to meet up with you! Possibly split accomidations If a trailer is available. I'm making some calls tomorrow, to check out availabilty.
  22. Thanks guys, that the kind of input I was hoping for. One way or the other.
  23. Thanks Carl! Building a rod is not in the cards right now, too many other things to get done first. I was looking at the 3 peice, 8', medium action. I believe the 9' is a fast action. I think I want a softer rod, provided it is still versatile. Is a sink tip even an option with a 3wt?
  24. Anyone own one of the these reels? I'm looking for a 3wt outfit. I checked out the Bauer Superlite, Ross Evolution and the Tibor Light. I must say the Tibor was the most interesting. The drum type drag kinda scares me though, I'm not really sure it will be reliable. Any thoughts or experience? Thanks
  25. I am in the Market for a 3wt, for my general trout rod. Ideally, I wan't a rod that will lay down a small dry softly, turn over a weighted nymph and maybe even handle very small streamers, yet will protect light tippets. 3-5 peice for storage is a must. I would like to have the fun of a lighter rod for Brookies and 'Gills, but the confidence that it will handle a 20" should the occasion arise. I am told the Scott G will fit the bill, it felt nice in the hand and the workmanship was impeccable. At $595 I want to be sure, I'll cast it of course before committing, just hoping for some input. Peddler?
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