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  1. It's appropriate that this was laying on the bank of the Huron near Flatrock! BUBBACOLA!
  3. Happy B-day dude! Planning a trip over Thanksgiving, interested?
  4. If it floats it will work. The key is to change the leader length for the depth of the water. The indicators won't float much weight, so a hard upstream mend as soon as the leader hits the water is in order, you need to get the flyline and indys directly above the fly (flies) for the first few feet of the drift. As your line passes in front of you everything should be in a straight line as it passes. Depending on how long your rod is and how well you balance the rig 10-15 foot drag free drifts are possible. Those small floats must be no more than 4-8" from the floating line and no more than that apart, or the mono butt will pull both under. The aim is to have the lower float just under the surface at approx. 45deg. angle, and the upper laying flat on the surface. Watch into the water, the submerged float will give an extra split second to see the pickup. I use a flouresent mono for the butt, I think it gives me another nanosecond, maybe. Remember, no more than a foot or two of flyline on the water, or the drag will defeat the sensitivity of the floats. It is a "close in" technique, maybe 15-20 feet at most, past that it is not possible to keep the flyline off the water or mend hard enough to get the leader down quickly.
  5. Check this out tidbit! The man!
  6. I would think a nail knot and head cement would do the trick!
  7. I believe your shadow or silouette against the sky and movement (vibration) are the important factors in avoiding detection. You could wear hunters orange from head to toe and still be undetected if your approach and presention are sound.
  8. This will be my 3rd winter. I got a cheap kit for fathers day, realized the vice was not gonna cut it, my lovely wife got me a Renzetti that Christmas. Last winter, I managed to stock my boxes pretty well. Then promply lost my vest in the spring. Thanks to the generosity of the members of this sight and another, this summer was "flies only" for me. Bench time has been hard to come by, but I have managed to whip out some globugs and hairwings to feed to the Salmon this fall. This winter I will concentrate on filling my boxes for next year. LaFontaines patterns will my first choices!
  9. Why didn't you say it was near Fuquay-varina? Looked it up mapquest, a couple hours from the mountains or ocean! Sounds pretty good to me!
  10. Sorry Will, Those were a few I kept to eat. Lord knows I didn't keep any of the Bass. My hands still stink!
  11. As many of you know this was to be my first season without spinning gear, near the end of April I lost my vest stuffed full of flies I had tied over the winter. Well... What can I say, thank you really doesn't cover it! You guys really came through for me. My time has been very limited due to work and family obligations, but because of your generosity it has been a flies only summer for me. I had more than enough flies to get me through the summer and I was covered for nearly every situation. Here are a few of the fish I caught on the flies you so generously sent to me! And the best for last, My Daughters first Trout, on a dryfly no less. There were plenty more to boot, just not any pictures. Thanks again, I'll try to return the favor to each and every one of you someday!
  12. Airhead


    Wonder why there are 0 bids? LOL
  13. I agree with shortening and stiffening your leader. I had a lot of trouble turning over streamers with my 5wt, until I changed my leader. 18" 20lb and then 18" 10lb. If the water is very low and clear or fish are spooky add 18" of 8lb. I have used this all summer for Smallies and Trout with good success on my sink tip. Early mornings with unweighted (or lightly weighted) streamers and floating line has also worked well, 12lb butt and 8lb leader. I originally had cut back whatever leader was on at the time, but leaders suited to dries or small nymphs/wets, just collapsed under the weight of a streamer. Recently I left on the heavy butt section and tied out to 12' and 6x and a #14 bwo, it worked very nicely for 30' casts and fooled some nice Brookies.
  14. I am a relative beginner (2 years). I bought a St Croix Imperial 5wt, 8'6" and a Cabela's SR2 reel, I am very happy with this setup. I also bought a spare spool with a class IV sink tip to go with the WF5. 2 minutes to change spools. With this setup I can fish all but the smallest of dries (WF5 doesn't exactly lay out delicately) and the heaviest of streamers (won't turn them over). For an all around setup it serves me well, around $300 bucks total, with lifetime warranty on all! Get him a mid flex rod. It takes longer to learn to cast, but he will be happier in the long run. Lord knows my casts are still pretty sloppy, but effective, and it's more fun fighting fish on the limber rod! The only thing I might have changed about my 5wt is a DT5 floating to start, but again that would make learning to cast more difficult yet.
  15. Magellan GPS330M, waterproof, compact, accurate, inexpensive.
  16. The Chatooga river along the S. Carolina border is a fine trout stream and a beautiful area not to mention the site of the filming of 'Deliverance'. "you gotta purty mouf' boy, uh huh". Enjoy! Seriously, my Brother lives on the S.C. side of Lake Hartwell. Lots of great places to explore in the mountains in that region. Chatooga headwaters, Chatahootchie tribs, Senaca river near Lake Jocassi (sp). Be sure to see Stumphouse Mountain, if you are near the Ga. State fish Hatchery (also on the Chatooga). I'll try to get some pics up of the area, as soon as my better half shows me where she's stashed them.
  17. Nice fly! I could have used one the other night. I have a pattern with clear antron for the wings on my winter list.
  18. Airhead

    Hey Cromium!

    Cute little boat Ralf! Did you get a jet on that?
  19. Okay, either you have way too much time on your hands lately, or you finally figured out your camera! Beautiful flies man!
  20. I can't believe no one mentioned BEER! Gotta have a cold one to celebrate the first fish! But I bring a few, so if I don't catch any, I don't much care! Come to think of it, maybe thats why I don't catch many fish.
  21. Clay, fancy meeting you here! These guys are a lot of, thats what it's all about anyway!
  22. I voted for the 25th, but I must reconsider! My anniversary is the 26th! So much for putting things on the calender.
  23. I noticed it too, got a chuckle! Either weekend is open right now, but I fish around the social director's plans. That's my wife Steve! Not you! Although, I probably would get more fishing in with you.
  24. If the social director has an opening for me, I'm in!
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