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  1. Nice pics Dan! Sleeping Bear Dunes are definitly a beautiful sight! Is that Mission Point? I remember walking out from the beach, about a 1/2 mile and never getting over my waist. You could climb on rocks and be ankle deep, Smallies swimming all around you chasing bait.
  2. Bright stuff during low light and stained water, Springs Wigglers, Skunks, Woolyworms etc. I would probably swing some streamers through the deepholes too!
  3. Welcome Jerry. Don't overlook the Chatooga near the Hatchery, some beautiful country and plenty of fish!
  4. Airhead

    Dobson Flies

    Great pics. I have handled many a Helgrammite in my day, but never got that close to an adult. I have only stirred up a few adults crashing the brush in well shaded areas, even near stretchs of river with tremendous nymph populations. Never really gave it much thought till now though! LOL You've got me curious, If I had to guess, I'll bet the adults are crawlers as well. They seem to be suited to clinging to rocks.
  5. Welcome Mike. Ralf, we already discussed a Smallie trip out his way later in the summer.
  6. Thanks! I'll give him a call tonite.
  7. Heres my order Will: 3906B- 100ea sizes 8,10,12 37160- 100ea sizes 10,12,14,16 94859- 100ea sizes 14,16,18 K3A- 25ea sizes 10,12,14,16,18 Thanks!
  8. I will be in Hopkinsville on business June 15-17. I might find a couple free hours in the evenings. Is there any worthwhile flyfishing within an hour or so? I'm flying, so checking a rod case would be neccesary, would it be worth the effort? Thanks.
  9. Thanks SD, I'm not sure Will meant to add them to the group purchase. If so, I need a couple other styles too! Will?
  10. I'l take 1 box of each, 10 thru 18. How do I order them? I didn't see them on GreenCaddis.
  11. What sizes do you have available Will? I'd like to order 14,12,10 and 8 if you can get them.
  12. This is definitly a stretch! I'm looking for Swedish Dryfly Hooks. They were made by Partridge, I understand Mustad has bought them out. Are they available to you Will?
  13. I got some really nice streamers in the mix. I hope I don't hurt anyones feelings if I have a moment of weakness and catch a couple Bass on them this summer! I could show you some pretty nice "no kill" water (for Bass) if you wander up this way in the late summer Will.
  14. Airhead

    Happy Birthday!

    Happy birthday dude! The jugs on me Sunday!
  15. Personal messages were sent out tonite. I bought a few new boxes and I'm happy to say they are pretty well stocked. I still have a couple patterns to tie, but I feel confident that I am covered. No more excuses for worms in the flies only! LOL I hope I didn't miss anyone. Thank you all again. Thanks to our fearless leader Will, for holding this forum where we can express our profound love of Flyfishing.
  16. I just got a call from Ralf. Thank you very much folks. I've been Trout fishing for years, as a bait dunker. I'm sure you figured that out! I started tying last year and finally felt up to the challenge of leaving the spinning rod home this year. Losing my flys and present time constraints put that plan out of my mind for the last week. Thanks to your generosity and that of others, I'll be ready when the bugs start to pop! I am continuously amazed by the caliber of people that make up this site and of course the true level of madness that we all suffer! Thanks again.
  17. Thanks again. Especially Pat! I'm beginning to think I don't deserve freinds like you guys. I'm sure you'll cure me of that. I might be game for Sunday. I'll give you a ring tomorrow. Fresh 8lb XT on the spinning reel! LOL
  18. I told you I've got crawlers on order! LOL I think I figured out why you're up, you guys are too much! Thanks
  19. What are you doin' up? Should I grab another cold one?
  20. Hey Ralf, it looks like I might have to outfish you a couple times this summer! I'm polishing my Rapalas and a flat of crawlers is on the way! LOL I'll make lunch when they start taking dries!
  21. Another modification that I recommend on the Water Skeeter is; extend the anchor rope cleat. If you look at the pulley size and the rope cleat size, they don't match, in order to use the proper size anchor rope for the pulley (3/8) enlarging the cleat is required. I welded an extra 1" of steel rod on each end of the cleat, makes for a good tie-off point. Oh yea, tighten up the bolts on the bottom of the seat, a little loc-tite won't hurt.
  22. I think the conversion is 25.35lbs and 35.43in. Anyway a giant Brown to be sure!
  23. I was Stationed in Korea for 2 years and married to a Korean for 9. I learned to read and speak Hangul very well. Years later, a couple dozen words, a few phrases, counting to 20 and a vague memory of the alphabet are all that come to mind.
  24. Hooligan, have you read 'Trout Flies,Proven Patterns'? I highly recommend it. Much easier reading (not as technical) than 'Caddisflies' (nor in-depth). It includes his best recipes, color photos, journal entries and commentary for each fly. Really gets you thinking! Check it out.
  25. A .38 is much more practical. (one hand free to cast) I probably would have struck up a conversation with him, he may have had no clue he was being rude. If the spot was worth the hike, it would be worth waiting for things to settle down (including you) and giving it a try.
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