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  1. OSD, When you said Polycentropus, I was in the process of doing the research. When I read Hydropsyche, I just had to dig deeper. I'll bring Caddisflies along on the outing. I think you'll like it. Will, don't you think it's time you took advantage of this months featured product on GCO? Caddisflies by Gary Lafontaine
  2. Neophylax Smallie, a Light Cased Caddis pattern Sorry about the poor images, but I think you get the idea.
  3. Polycentropus is a member of the Polycentropodidae family. These net spinners DO NOT build cases. They spin either trumpet shaped nets, weave retreats among rocks or sticks, and one genus spins a tube in soft bottom sediments. Hydropsyche (Spotted Sedge) is a genus in the Family Hydropsychidae. These net spinners also DO NOT build cases but they do build Pupal retreats next to there Larval nets on the rocks they inhabit. This info is from the book Caddisflies by Gary LaFontaine. Will, I think they are Genus; Neophylax, Species; concinnus (formerly, N. Autumnus) a widespread genus of the Limnephilidae Family. Conncinnus, a relatively small species (adult 9-12mm) are well represented in the East, Upper Midwest and Mid-South. Neophylax (autumn mottled sedge) builds a thick, short case with larger stones along the sides ideally suited for life in the current. The insects move over the surfaces of midstream rocks scraping off diatoms and detritus. The Larvae are generally yellowish-brown. Neophylax cocinnus, emerges in September. Over 90 percent of the pupae in a section of stream will emerge within a 3 week period, after a summer period of inactivity. During emergence large numbers of pupae are available to fish, and may trigger selective feeding where heavy populations are present. The egg laying Patterns have been described from observations to range from pasting eggs on the underside of overhanging banks, to dropping them in the water after landing on sticks or wood protruding from the water. Neither of which exposed the adults to fish during egg laying.
  4. A fine showing Dave! I watched while I tied some wets for the upcoming PM outing. My brother lives in Western SC. on the Chatooga. Sure is some beautiful country! How far from Asheville was your float? That was pretty small water, perfect for a pontoon.
  5. Okay, I'm gonna stick my neck out here. I'd say it's a member of the Limnephilidae Family! That narrows it down to 52 genera, and a few hundred species! LOL Next! I'm working on it! Can you give us a little more info? Water quality, habitat, geographic locality, and where, specifically on the rock were they? Were the cases dificult to crush? Are some of those particals larger rocks? like ballast stones? Great pic!
  6. Cool! I'll set the timer now! I'm Sure I'll catch hell when the TV suddenly switches from cartoons to fishing! 4 six year olds can make a pretty rough crowd.
  7. I am finally in a position to commit for the weekend. I will be there! See you Friday night.
  8. Airhead

    We did it

    My congradulations as well, and thanks for the time and effort you put out to make it possible. And to the great people of this site for the knowledge they share on a daily basis and of course the laughs!
  9. Very nice Will! Another great addition to the site!
  10. Sorry, I can't help ease your guilt Pat! I spent the morning on the Huron in the snow and rain. I knew if I went to the show I would regret it, we're just pulling out of the hole. If it makes you feel any better, I launched Shoe's net in the drink today! I guess I did end up with a bill for the day afterall.
  11. SH69, Thanks. I know what you mean, Orvis makes a short, 5 or 6ft sinking leader. I have some for 5wt line. Thats actually what I meant. LOL I can see the WF line being a bit combersome with the extra weight to turn over, but with my casting prowess, it can't get much worse!
  12. Ralf, What you're describing is exactly what I envisioned the presentation for the Antron wets I've been tying. The problem is I had no idea as of yet how to accomplish it! LOL With the low/clear conditions we have had I feel like most streamers are too gaudy/bulky for me to have confidence in them. Of course that my all change in the coming weeks! SH69, I only have a WF8 floater for my 8wt at present, I'm happy with it for my style of deep nymphing. Do you think removable sink tips on a WF will still get down, or will the extra bulk of the fly line pull it downstream to fast? I use a 9'6" rod and I'm 6'2", so I have a little advantage when mending. I thought maybe If I match the length of the sink tip to the depth and speed, I could keep a minimum of the fly line in the water until the sink tip and leader were down stream of me and then feed out fly line until the fly is where I want to start the swing.
  13. I may be wrong, I don't have any first hand knowledge. I think most of the waters are privately owned or have rights leased to clubs and guide houses. My advice would be to do some serious research on the subject NOW, or risk missing a once in a lifetime opportunity! Good luck and have fun!
  14. Ralf, This year the bait rod stays home (for Trout). I may be begging flies by August though! LOL Pat, You can borrow my copy after I get a few of the patterns down. I'm making due with what I have for now, my biggest obstacle is time at the bench. These were pretty easy to tie, once you get the materials layed out and the hang of spinning the Antron, they go pretty quick. LaFontaine's flies are often elaborate, but effective. I needed to whip up enough flies to satisfy the lumber and hopefully an angry steelie or two, so I compromised between technique and attraction. We'll see! Back to the bench!
  15. Airhead


    In the Michigan fishing guide, Walleye, Pike and Smallmouth along with a few others are listed as "cool water species". Just had to confuse the subject a little more!
  16. The 2 with the clear Antron don't show up very well in the images. I think it gives them a brightness that will attract some attention on the swing. We'll see! These are tied on #8 2x long, stout wire hooks. Good for practice, adequate for spring fishing. I think a smaller version is in order for the summer months as an emerger pattern. Keeping my ties sparse is a challenge. I need smaller soft hackle!
  17. After getting some ideas from Gary Lafontaines book "Trout Flies, Proven Patterns" and spending some time at the bench with Shoe watching his techniques, I whipped up a couple dozen Wets. Orange Antron Wet... Tail- Orange Floss Body- 50/50 Bunny Face/brown Sparkle Yarn (coarse,blended w/gaurdhairs) Underwing/Thorax- Ginger Emerger Sparkle Yarn (clipped 1/2", twisted in a dubbing loop, wound like Shoes "Fur Hackle") Hackle- Chukkar Green Antron Wet... Tail- Green Floss Body-Same Underwing/Thorax- Clear Emerger Sparkle Yarn (same) Hackle- Wood Duck Flank Red Antron Wet... Tail- Crimson Thread Body- Same Underwing/Thorax- Clear Hackle- Wood Duck The Sparkle Emerger Yarn from GCO is awesome No need to comb out 3 strand!!! Sorry about the poor quality on the pics, I have to scan them. My digicam doesn't do close-ups well. P.S. I used the black metal paper clips to clamp the Antron fibers before cutting and laying in the dubbing loop.
  18. I have a Tioga 8 LA, and I am not as impressed as some. The startup on the drag is not reliable or smooth. It is also undersized for a large arbor 8wt. It should be capable of holding a 9wt floating line with ample backing, but will not. Even an 8wt floating line and 100yds of backing fill the spool to the point of rubbing on the frame. I have religated mine to a C & D rig. (Which I hope not to use) I recently purchased a Ross Gunnison (discontinued soon), for just over $200 with backing and floating line. A pretty good deal,I think. I have yet to give it a proper workout.
  19. Thanks alot for the link! Gary LaFontaine is a huge influence on my fishing style. I recommend everyone check this out! An excerpt from the "fishy tales" section of the sight. QUOTE Long before I learned how to tie flies I learned how to repair them. My mother showed me how to use her finger nail polish to coat the head of the fly and strengthen the wraps. Sitting there on the bus bench, I noticed that the thread was unwinding on the head of the McGinty, so I took out my bottle of finger nail polish, Passion Rose. One of the boys sitting by the bus stop bench called to his buddies, "Hey, look at the little fairy with the finger nail polish." I didn't know what to put away first, the McGinty or the Passion Rose polish. There were four of the boys, slightly older and slightly bigger. There really wasn't much use talking when you're sitting on a bus bench in Hartford holding a bottle of Passion Rose finger nail polish. I stood up, I smiled at the lead boy and said, "Hi, my name is Sally Ann," and I punched him.
  20. LaFontaines Site? There is a site with LaFontaines patterns? Do Tell!
  21. One thing that seems to make sense to me, is that the largest trout in a stretch of river will be in the best water. Sounds elementary! But it's not necessarily easy to find that water at any given time. As it changes with the season, food supply, water conditions and the urge to reproduce. On small streams it is much easier to find the likely places for the one or two dominant trout in a given area. With favorable conditions, dissolved oxygen, temp, and normal flows being equal in all areas of the stream the largest fish will be where their primary food supply is easily captured from a secure lie. Barring an unusually plentiful supply of food that moves them into another area for easy pickings, they should be found near or at the bottom of a significant gradient change. Where food is funneled to them and layed out for them to inspect. Picture if you will, a piece of foam thrown into the flow, and where it comes to rest (or slows) in an eddy or flat. If it has cover or depth a fish should be there. But it may take a series of these to present the ideal habitat for the biggest trout, with smaller fish present in the less than ideal collecting points in between. Last summer, I fished a small creek, after summer storms had blown out my first choice. I found the upper reaches of this small creek, where a tiny, cold and shallow brook fed a slow moving warmer and oxygen rich swamp drain, high but fishable. As they came together fast rocky slots punctuated with plunge pools for the first 1/4 mile made me think Rainbows, cool! To my surprise, nearly every pocket produced a follow from a Brown! The high water had them actively chasing food, but most turned away short, a couple were hooked and lost breifly in the torrent. The next day the water was back to normal, and the Rainbows were eager to play in the more placid plunge pools, cool! But where were the Browns? A stroll down the next 1/4 mile of the stream saw the gradient flatten somewhat and increasing brush with undercut banks and lumber wedged in the bends. There were 3 distinct steps in this 1/4 mile of water. Each a 3-4 foot drop over a 100 yards or so, at the bottom of each was a "flat" stretch, where the water slowed and meandered through a couple bends clogged with deadfall, before falling off the next step. 2 of the 3 produced fish nearing 20 inches, with several other nice Browns in the fringe water. The largest fish coming from the best looking cover close to the base of the step. Oddly, or not, the absolute best looking of the 3 "flats" didn't produce a large fish, or any fish in the best looking lies, only a couple of small fish in the riffles and tail-out. I will be back to that 3rd spot to find him next summer.
  22. If a fireman's job can go up in smoke, and a plumber's job can go down the drain, can a hooker get laid off?
  23. Airhead


    Oh God, there goes the neighborhood! 12wt's, steel leaders and flies the size of compact cars. Run for your lives! Oh Umm, Hi Paul!
  24. Stel, if you guys are looking for fossils next time, go to the Medusa Cement plant in Charlevoix. My daughter and I found 6 awesome fossils in about 10 minutes there. You might even find a Petosky or two! My buddy has a house about 10 miles east of Elk Rapids, beautiful country up there, were you at the county park at the junction of US31 and M88?
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