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    Shoe's Stone

    Before anyone asks, I gave Shoe a copy of "Trout Flies: Proven Patterns" by Gary LaFontaine. It was the first book I bought on fly tying, I've bought a few others since and it remains my favorite. It was the inspiration for my screen name. Not only does he fish the flies, but he and his friends scuba dive and observe the flies and the trouts reaction to them. Anytime Pat, just let me know.
  2. Airhead

    Shoe's Stone

    I told you I have all the turkey you'll need! Remind me and I'll bring some to our next adventure. How do you like the book so far?
  3. Welcome Sippy! Tell the "boys" we said hi! Speaking of feminine sides, I have certain information about a long running musical...
  4. For now my passion is Trout. But it has been known to change without notice. Trout fascinate me to no end, and the fact that they are found in some of the most beautiful, pristine places doesn't hurt either!
  5. Ridderbos, It's a Water Skeeter. About $350 from Cabela's, rod holder, swivel seat, anchor system, storage bags, even a place for the all important cooler! Yes, you float the unproductive water and stop for the fishy stuff. Generally speaking it is easier to dismount and fish away from the float boat, as there are numerous places for stripped line to tangle (oars, anchor cleat, seat, etc). The stripping basket that comes with it is all but worthless, IMO.
  6. BTW, thanks for the new vice man, just what I needed another one!
  7. Like shoe, we enjoy camping. We spent a few weekends with his family and mutual friends this past year. We rough it compared to some, we have a 16x18 tent, queen size air mattress and frame, electric fridge and most of the gadgets. We also spend one weekend a month all summer at Silver Lake Sand Dunes. For those of you who are not familiar with it, Silver Lake Sand Dunes is a State Park on Lake Michigan, north of Muskegan, MI. The dunes are open to off road vehicles, we pick a spot on the beach of Lake Michigan for lunch and a rally point, and ride from there. We have a Quad and friends have Dune Buggies, It's a lot of fun, but cuts into my fishing time! LOL I have a 20ft bowrider fully rigged for big water fishing, she stayed in the garage most of this summer, as I was chasing Trout (more often than not with Shoe). But I did manage to boat a few Walleye in Lake Erie, Steelhead in Canadien waters of Erie and got some friends there first King Salmon on Lake Michigan. I was introduced to floating our beautiful rivers in the last year or so, and I am hooked! I bought a Water Skeeter pontoon boat this past summer and between that and floating with Shoe in his Hyde I have seen more miles of beautiful Michigan rivers than I had in a lifetime! Most week days are spent at home, prepping for the next weekends adventure, and spending quality time with my 5yo and wife. Lately, business has taken a lot of my time and energy. Definetly time for a float!
  8. OSD, I would be interested in one of each if you would be so kind. I have some Turkey wing feathers with pretty nice Biots on a few, nicely verigated, but could easily be dyed. I'm not sure they have the stiffness of Goose Biot though.
  9. Thanks Mark! Maybe we can throw it up here next year and see if it sticks!
  10. Mark (chemprof2001), I spent 2 years at Ft Polk. We spent many a Fall weekend chasing the migrations of Bait (shrimp) out of the fresh water marshes, and of course the the passage of Redfish and Flounder right on there tails! I would love to make a trip down there some November with a flyrod in hand. Would that be something you could help with arranging? For those of you who have never fished SW Louisiana, it is a real treat. I've limited (5 gallons) on Shrimp, Blue crab (garbage can full), Redfish (5 at the time) with many released and lost, up to 25lbs and several flounder to boot. All in one day!
  11. Thats still my weakest suit! I know where they live, I know what they eat, I spend the time on the water. But I think I put down more with my flailing than I catch! I knew there was a reason I like deep nymphing!
  12. Ridderbos, The airhead has it's days. Especially on overcast days, when fish are feeding generally. I've found them to be equally effective swung or stripped slowly across the current. Stripping upstream has taken all small fish so far. Dead drifted has produced a few, but even more splashy refusals. I'm going to tie an arsenal of Gary Lafontaines patterns over the winter, and give them an honest shot next summer. One of the things about his patterns and philosophy that struck me was, An "exact imitation" only gets get taken as often as a natural (1 in 20, maybe) Where as The "perfect imitation" gets noticed and is taken MORE often than a natural. The "perfect imitation" is of course unattainable, but a fly that exagerates the trait of the insect the fish are keying on and is the proper size and color and is presented properly will get noticed sooner, pull a fish farther, and will not be refused. We'll see. My first experiences with the Airhead and Emergant Sparkle Pupae have been impressive.
  13. I'm swarn to secrecy, if Shoe wants to let it out of the bag, thats up to him. (I was his guest that day) I have a couple other recipes that use foam, just have to get to the bench this winter and whip some up. My favorite so far is the "Emergant Sparkle Pupae". I'll try to get a pick and a recipe up. (sorry no foam) Dinner time, be back soon.
  14. I could be in. Shoe knows, I'll chase those stupid fish half way around the world.
  15. Kris says, I look better after a couple beers!
  16. Didn't take you long my friend! Of course I did warn you. I guess I'll put in a profile and an avatar now.
  17. That would be too easy! Heres a clue. Thats packing foam for the wings and head. I wish I could find the first one I ever used, the foam was absolutely shredded. Just havin' a little fun! P.S. I'm John also.
  18. Theres probably only one person here that can guess who I am. It's all in the name! I'll see if he picks it up then introduce myself. I'll try to get a pic up as clue.
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