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  1. Good for you, probaly one of the toughest things in the world to do as they say that nictone is more addictive than heroin. Good luck on quiting!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I am a packrat in my vest so I have a box for streamers, dries, wets and nymphs and keep terrestrials and other patterns in their own box. I only take the sizes and types of flies I will need for that trip. At home though I have a bunch of plastic PLANO type boxes that I keep all my flies in that I dont take fishing with me. I like to seperate evrything by size/species since I am anal retentive.
  3. I second the Carrot nymph!!!! Great fly and super easy to tie!!!!
  4. I have both standard and ceramic bobbins and definetly reach for the ceramic ones more. I still use the standard ones alot though and never have had a problem with thread breakage, maybe I just have the magic touch!!!! (Definetly not but good to think that way)
  5. I duck hunt alot and also fish alot in my neoprenes and I recommend that you wash them off (especially if you head to the salt water) and dry them with a peet boot dryer and hang them upside down with a boot hanger in a cool place out of the sun and extreme heat. Now with that being said I beat the heck out of mine and use them at least every other day (try to go everyday) during the duck season and I only follow those recommendations lightyly LOL and they do just fine. The only problem I have is I split the seams alot climbing in and out of boats. Neoprenes take a beating and keep on ticking especially if you use waterfowl type waders for fishing like I do in real cold weather.
  6. Duck season is over here but luckily we have another late resident goose season going on until the 15th of February that I just got in from!!! We are lucky here basically we can waterfowl hunt from September until February.
  7. If you can't get it from a local shop Cabelas carries it.
  8. I smash down the barbs on all the flys that I tie. Seems to be easier to release the fish or take the fly out of some sort of clothing that I may hook on myself.
  9. I am from Milford, just started to snow as I was loading the boat onto the trailer from duck hunting this morning. I always stay out on the water all day on the last day of the season but luckily I had gotten my limit kinda early. The snow is really coming down now and they are predicting I beleive 60 + MPH winds.
  10. Welcome, I am also from Connecticut.
  11. VERY SWEET!!!! Nice craftmanship!!
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