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  1. griffiths sheer 24,uni-thread asst colors 30,danville 21,nanosilk gel spun 12.almost time to restock some colors.lol
  2. I have found that most of your led desk lights can also be powered by rechargeable battery packs,just have to find double ended chord.My pro lite will stay on for 7 hours.
  3. Believe you can also purchase pattern specific kits from LL Bean
  4. I know this is a old post,would just like to say Futzer you are my hero also,thought i was bad with 25 of them.
  5. My opinion is that the sheer 14/0 is plenty strong for all normal tying situations.I tye normal trout flies in the 10-20 range and have found this acceptable for all my needs.
  6. It always starts off so simple.We all know from experience that no matter how well planned out the desk always needs to be bigger.I started with a tying station and now I am up to a 36x60 desk.Good luck
  7. i think the stainless are hard to beat for normal size range of flies.i use the big game for larger flies only but they can be used for trout size also without too many negative results
  8. i have had the pleasure of using and owning both of them.i do prefer the jaws and the way the trekker operate as compared to the renzetti.note this is only my preference and you will need to draw your own according to your tying style.if you live in the upstate n.y. area i would be glad to let you try the dk but i no longer have the renzetti
  9. a clean bench is a sign that you spend to much time cleaning and not enough fishing
  10. i have had the pleasure of using one a couple of years ago,would be a shame to let sit on the shelf.they could always donate it to me and i will use for them.LOL
  11. I have to disagree with Mark.I use cdc and biot c/duns on a regular basis with very good results.I have found the best thing to keep them afloat is dry magic or a powder like rio agent x or frogs fanny.We all has likes and dislikes of certain patterns and should judge for ourselves whether to carry them or not.
  12. Why not be like most of us and just buy it ,The only way you are going to know is to try for yourself,besides who only wants one vise LOL
  13. Look into purchasing one of the bases offered by peak vise co..I have had my regal on one of these for years,has never moved and it has pockets for hooks too
  14. I love the room,glad to see i am not the only rod junkie around....LOL
  15. Just a opinion,but i have had alot of short strikes with such a long tail.That is a nice color though.But,just my 2 cents worth
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