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  1. That's a valid point. I've never had the issue but I can see it happening. As far as doing the rib first then wrapping the hackle, it doesn't make sense at all and would take no extra time to swap the steps. Even if it does add time, which it won't, I would much rather have a more durable fly that takes an extra minute to tie. That's my $0.02, which ain't worth much
  2. Looks like he also did the steps out of order This is the method I prefer to use, tying in the hackles at the front then using the wire to secure it. http://www.charliesflyboxinc.com/flybox/print.cfm?parentID=44 But, to each their own... it doesnt really matter that much.
  3. I'm pretty sure the wire is supposed to reinforce the hackle. Think you got those steps out of order.
  4. Tail: natural hen fibers Ribbing: crystal flash dubbing: spectrablend nymph dubbing, hares ear collar: fox squirrel dubbing in a loop I just used gray materials and called it hares ear(ish). Its probably closer to a fox squirrel nymph as far as materials go.
  5. I was the lucky recipient of flytire's generous hook give-away. Already putting them to good use tying up some hares ear jigs to throw in North Georgia in a few weeks. Thanks again, flytire
  6. Sent. Thanks. Looking forward to tying on them.
  7. interested. have a buddy that lost everything in the louisiana flood in 2016.
  8. your "COAF damsel fly" is a clouser minnow tied with marabou...
  9. http://www.flyanglersonline.com/bb/showthread.php?13861-Murdich-Wiggler-Recipe-Found-it!!! Check out this web site. It has a pattern.
  10. I live in Louisiana and some how amassed a good amount of glo egg yarn. I fish alot of reds and bass. These work well. Gamakatsu B10s? hook Rabbit strip trilobal chenille (got it from orvis) Hackle Glo egg yarn Doll Eyes Attach thread and tie in rabbit strip. Add weight before the rabbit if you want it. Tie in chenille and palmer it. Then tie in a hackle. Palmer hackle and secure it to the shank. Then pull the rabbit over and tie it down Stack/spin egg yarn. I just spread the yarn into a cylinder, push the hook eye through the center and wrap it with a couple turns of thread. I also switched to GSP to do this. Tie off thread after done stacking. This is 3 separate clumps of egg yarn for the head. Trim head with scissors. I like to do short on the bottom and sides, and a little taller on the top. Then i use markers to color the head. The bottom color is blue that i blended with my fingers. then the markings are made with black. It matched the rabbit strip... Last comes the doll eyes secured with super glue. Enjoy.
  11. This still going on? Seems too good to be true. If so, does it have to be a fly that I made up or can it be an established pattern? Can it be a copy from another forum? Have a good one, Blake
  12. Just dropped off the flies at the post office
  13. I am the one person. I'm sorry y'all had to wait on me. I should have had ample time to get these flies done. They will be in the mail monday morning. Again, sorry for making y'all wait and thanks for still letting me be a part of the swap. Blake
  14. I have to appologize for not having my flies in yet. I have had some things come up with work (oil spill, td Bonnie) that have prevented me from getting these flies out. If you guys are willing to wait, i can get them in the mail by the end of this week. If yall are tired of waiting, which i totally understand, feel free to go on without me. Sorry for being a bad swapper. I have been in many and this is the first that i havent delivered on time in. Eastern, just let me know your decision Blake
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