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  1. sweet fly Damian, would look even better in my box
  2. yus indeed, I agree, nice one!!!
  3. Marvin Nolte dressed the flies stored in the Grainger collection. It consist's of 342 mounted flies. At that time considered to have been all the lcassics known. Here's a link; http://www.partridge-of-redditch.co.uk/PRO...profiles2_b.htm
  4. This is the fly I tyed in the virtual tying class earlier tonight. Man, how does one get used to tying in front of people??? Let alone a worldwide audience? Anyway, I dressed the fly with the traditional Dee throat of Jungle, But...within minutes I had pulled it out, having decided it took"away" from the rest of the fly. Let me know. Thanks to Ronn and the gang, for letting me "invade" , hair and all , it was delightful and hope I may return. Fly is loosely based on a famous NW pattern named the "Spawning Purple" I believe attributed to Dave McNeese or possibly John Shewey. I know these are colors that work for the Santiam river here in Oregon, regardless.
  5. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: SpawningDee
  6. danangg! another classic tyed so nicely. Pullin out the classic book on us are you? I will have to dig deep and tye up sumthin outta the same book . Nice work Joe
  7. :headbang: That is an great tye of one of the best steelhead flies ever, EVER. IMO ofcourse . Nice to see one, and so nicely tyed.
  8. what I was gonna say, actually our good friend Bud has the name on another, i.e Elegant Simplicity ,I think it was, but this is gorgeous and elegant in it's own grace. Nice work
  9. Have an awesome 2007! and a Rockin Christmas to all
  10. thats it , and a great 07 fer yuhs, wish I could get down on the bench and tye something worthy of this new area-- hey? maybe an 07 resolution for me huh?
  11. more of a Britney version then, huh?
  12. do you think that would be "hot" or "not hot" ?
  13. ...been thinking of yellow lately,, Hook; #10 Wilson double Tail; Senegal Parrot , redwing over &1/2 length tag; sparkle gold mylar rear body; uniglow yellow (1/4 shank) forebody- yellow feathers; toucan,tanager etc over&under body feather; senegal parrot Underwing; 4 UV yellow hackles Overwing;6-8 Golden Pheasant crests Undersides-jungle fowl throat;black mallard
  14. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Yellow Wing
  15. why yes, yes you should be Merry Christmas
  16. hey-do you mind??- you posted that minnow? If your gonna post fish-- post fish porn-- not these little babies like that gorgeous thing.!, nice work (or play) my friend, nice work indeed
  17. thanks all-- part 2 is coming of this, shorter wings, feather body-- all the changes the guy who explained this to me just told me what all was wrong with it--LOL, like said-- part 2 is coming,, and here I thought it was fine!!! funny. cheers around!
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