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    lol , thankx guys, yup, new HMH, these are the first tyes on it. Kinda gave up on the Norvise. But still wanted sumthin "new" after all these years on the Tommy B. I like it, just more movin parts than I am used to. And you guys are the ones doin some amazing fly work-- My eyes popped when I first came back and looked around. Nice to be back-- drinks on me if ya'll were here, which your not ,so thats why I said it,,j/k
  2. thanks- I am told it is a real producer on the Santiam here. The rear body is UV yellow , hopefully the fish can see it.
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Yellow Hilton
  4. Davy


    I still like to tye the bigger hooks, but I primarily fish stingers on my larger flys, usually size 4 hooks or 6's. Winters anyway. But atleast one of the boxes I would open on the river is full of 1/0,2/0,4/0 speys and the like. We get limited to 3/4" as well here. And floating lines on some rivers and times of the year.
  5. Hey palli- thats a great one! Let us know how many you slay with it--then it can get a name, Perhaps the Palli20?????
  6. Davy


    it is a Tiemco 202sp, 1/0 similar to the AJ,
  7. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Knouse
  8. Hairwing= Green Butt Skunk, Or a Rusty Rat, or both even! Nymph- Pats Stone, (just chenille and Nylon rubber legs) Spey= Lady Caroline Additional= General Practitioner I know I am late to this party but thought I would reply
  9. emhuh, that will fish , it rocks!
  10. HY to all! first batch of tying I have done in months. And the first on a new bench, on a new vise, in a new house, in a new state and with new glasses even. I have done some lurking the last few evenings and you all have sure tyed some pretty stuff- fricken amazing actually! I miss the bench, we will spend some time together the next cpl months I am sure Davy
  11. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Polar Redwings
  12. emmm, here FEEESHY FEEESHY ! nice!
  13. Wow ! cool bead and fly Ronn, like all have said. I was down your way fishin all week. Over on the coast and south. I didn't get a chance to stop by. Next time.
  14. that is so awesome, I am putting all my stuff on ebay tomorrow. Why even try? Thats a perfect fly imo thanks charlie
  15. what a pretty colorful pattern, nice job!!!!!
  16. Theres an old legend thats says one should not ever have bananas in ,on,or near a boat or fishing trip or it will spell bad luck. I have always been in the middle on this. I am not nuts over it but I personally never bring bananas. The other day here on the Skagit, we had had a long mornng of no fish. Near midday the fellow with me decided to eat and pulled out a banana. Not just one , but he had three !!!. Just to shorten it up- that afternoon we had a great & successful day of steelhead fishing. Since then my wife has been after me to tye a "yellow" banana like fly. With the black it looked like a ripe or rotten one. thanks for the comments, it's not perfect but for this time of year it will have to do.
  17. very nice Royce, you did well. I like em!!!!!
  18. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Rotten Bananas (click link for more info)
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