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  1. Very nice nice work!!,what did you use for the Indian crow in the tail?I love the use of Bartleet type hook as well,much nicer lines--Like a sedan versus a corvette!
  2. Those are awesome--the GP is my favorite and thats the best looking variant I have EVER seen,I prefer the original--but am going to try and tye some of yours form the picture--NICE work!!
  3. I am wondering about 2 Blind hooks I have found in the bottom of my locker-they are labeled by me as A&H 7/0- I forgot whom this was--like I have said ,its been a few years.Anyone know? Alcott&Harrison?, Just can't remember. thanks in advance.,, just remembered-- Adlington &Hutchinson ,,, jeeez!!!!! nevermind
  4. thanks for your generous comments, I admit to some photographic trickery for the brilliant colors.Here is the original picture.I realize my head sucks ,could be alot smaller.
  5. thank you for the welcome.I am still in amazement at the knowledge and discussion offered here.
  6. I agree with most comments here- it is "The one", stunning dress Charlie,truly In the NW here it is a automatic fall pattern for our steelhead.
  7. Stunning wing/dressing,love your style and head.Thanks for the inspiration.I only wish I could tye this well.Love that wing!!!!
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jontye: The Red
  9. Nice dressing!!! perfect for the fall here in Wa
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Jontye: PotOfGold
  11. Hello, steelheader69 invited me to join this group.I have tyed for 27 years, I think.I enjoy tying and creating new steelhead patterns as well as tying the classics.It is my hope I can offer something to the group.I was taught by my teacher using Kelson mainly as a guide as far as working with feathers and flosses.I call the waters of Northeastern Puget Sound in Washington state my homewaters.I roam up and down the western USA coast fishing.Steelhead influences go toward Glasso and Drain.It is the classic Salmon dressings I would mainly like to tye again as I once did.My material locker is a bit run down and my health ain't the best but when it allows I tye and fish when I can.My moniker is a take off of the Jonty and my wifes name as well.Most people call me Davy,some call me Dave and a few ..well ..we won't go there.thanks for having me Davy
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