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  1. thanks yeah, Royce, I enjoy being there and would have if I could have. I do enjoy these measly 30- 45" trout we are currently hauling in on the Skagit more though. The fly above got a couple the other day, early. Thats what it's for. I am sure by fall you all will be masters and I will be so far behind. I I'm takin my tying stuff up to camp this week though. Tye by flashlight, LOL Maybe August meeting, jeeez , not sure, thats hopper month.
  2. 1st fly in weeks, finally got a "little" bench time this afternoon.
  3. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Polar Redwing (click link for more info)
  4. yup, just like all the others have commented--stunning!!!!
  5. Similar to speyflyfisher, I was predisposed on the river in Montana when the event happens, I am always saying "next year". I have talked with a couple of friends whom attended and truly wish I could make/made it. How many IV bottles of scotch did you require Ronn?
  6. Indeed it does, I just learned this with Mr. Nolte this weekend and it an awesome style of mounting. You have described it well. What a class!!!!. More later
  7. Very very nice indeed! , you did an especially nice job on the sides. .
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