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  1. nice and impressive job Damian, left the JC out? I know why, you [email protected]#$%^ LOL, J/K I tyed leaders, washed the boat, re-spooled 12 reels and lines, organized several boxes, and worked on taxes today. Maybe I will tye a fly tonight though
  2. WoW !! nice migu, great body work, ... sssmmoooth ! And where's the head? !!!
  3. John- you have stubbled across my favorite pattern, and dressed it beautifully ! Nice work. I really like the tips of the wings matching so perfect and your style of head.
  4. ....What they said..... again. The fly in person will absolutey blow you away. I couldn't keep my eyes off it. Ronn really outdid himself on this one I feel. Didn't know that was possible. See you in May Ronn. I'll send down some work for you to show the guys all my issues for next month, just so ya'll know I am working on my stuff.
  5. I have survived Galveston's Mardi Gras this weekend and when I return and see this?!? I about fell over!!!! Nice work!!!
  6. excellent and elctrifying is right!!!, wow ! another no bead fly!!! nice nice nice Ronn
  7. I am not sure of the age of these. They did come from my grandparents garage after she died in 2003 and he died in the early 70's, she did not fish. She played a hell of a game of golf though. Other than the Mickey Finn I have no idea. The hooks are connected by a length of cable. Just thought they were appropriate for here.
  8. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Streamers (click link for more info)
  9. sexy tye!!! borne for the Sauk river big boys for sure
  10. thanks Gar, hey, I only ever been known to do the above to other anglers standing in my run when I arrive. :hyst:
  11. Dangit Dangit :devil: , the oppurtunity to get together with other board members and Bud had me nonthinking. My busy time is about to begin and anything beyond mid-march is undoable. I am allready going to be in 5 states in 2 weeks or so just to attend what I have committed to in March. Anyway we can this thing in ,say, November??? :hyst:
  12. just awful ,I agree, the little split in the end of the tail? that's horrific. And Jeez! Did you forget the red part in the throat assembly? Please, start over and get it right . Nice Bud , please, I mean PLEASE!!! enlighten us on what you think is so horrible????? enquiring minds want to know.
  13. nice and elegant Chris, well done !
  14. what they said, and I might add you have done an extraordinary job on this one. The wing is spectaculr in it's melding. That would fish here hard. Nice red tipped crest in the tail too.
  15. I have used Danville 6/0 for years and years, also use the Benecchi 12/0 often now as well.
  16. Ya'll are puttin up some cool stuff here. Spectacular flies. Sweet new forum and looks successfull. I have 10x hooks coming and hope I can submit something soon akin to what each of you are dressin up. It's refreshing to see the streamer tyes of old and new. The past decade or so has seen streamers kinda relegated to a "wooley bugger" basically. And I didn't even mention the wet flies. Same story there too almost. Some of my best hours have come from swung wets during a heavy hatch. Anyway, drinks around !! :headbang: Davy
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