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  1. wow, I remember seeing those colors in my younger days. nice job
  2. dang, one of my favorite flies too! Nice work. Can't wait to see the new stuff. just looked again,,,,, jeez thats one sexy fly.
  3. 1st, welcome Mike. That is beautifully tied and a gorgeous fly. I can see that swimming in the North Fork in July........ for a few seconds. !!!!!!!
  4. Thanks all, fish it in the Skagit? hey?????? , I have fished some Scott's an they catch, last year I pulled a buck outta the Sauk on a #2 Scott, but this is a 5/0 which could really hurt (spear)a wild fish due to the gap . Hey Ronn- the new burnisher kinda saved this- I used it to push ,shove and pull the error into not such a glaring one. Kudo's! Hey Mike, I still consider me an Oregonian after 25 years here in Wa, go figure. Two worlds apart.
  5. I wasn't going to show this. Heck, as of last night I wasn't going to finish it after seeing a few things. Couln't find my bard woodduck, ec. Lot of things,. I am told if one faces the other way it looks fine though. Maybe the Super Bowl officials will like it, being blind and all. ( Seattle here )
  6. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Jock Scott (click link for more info)
  7. ohhhoooohhhhhh, jeeez. that takes it up the perverbial Emeril notch, nice job
  8. Lately, I have been using the method shown in Radencich's book or trying to, I have always just kinda done it by hook or by crook(no pun intended.) I am now, atleast in this tying trying to adhere to a single set of tying principles for a change. I don't normally dress on as large of hooks as some of you (most of my hooks are smaller than my hand,jeeeez)and I can see where building up the body becomes so much more of importance. Maybe the most.
  9. that's an eye popper! sweet tye! that would catch dozens of steelhead here.
  10. Wow, I have never even tyed on a Ron Reinhold hook, although I have seen some of them at Ronn's . Nice, way nice.( talk about giving an eyetooth for) I tye mostly on Partridge Bartleets, eyed and blind. I still have alot of the old ones on real Sheffield iron. I tye on AJ's alot although not for fishing flies anymore. I stay with the black, one in a blue moon I tye one on a gold. Most of my standard winter fishing flies are tyed on plain old sharp strong Gammmys. Blue. Summers I like Wilson low water, and when legal, doubles Right now though! since you asked ,,I am tying a JS on one of the 5/0 Alcott hooks you sent me Bud! Finally!, just finished the rear veil. For the speys I tye, I tye mostly on 3/0 and 1/0. Up to 4/0 and down to 4 though too.
  11. hmmmmm,, materials I treasure??, most of them would be materials people have sent me in trade or as gifts. I have a separate cabinet for everything I am ever sent from anyone, I cherish them almost to the point of not wanting to tye with them because then they would be used and, gone some ways here too... I know,, I'll see a shrink. jeez Still, while not "materials, but some of the tying tools, as well as some of thier old flosses and tinsels, of the two men that pretty much got me into all this years ago, I treasure those highly as well. I was gonna try to pick but I can't. Give an eyetooth for? Purple Throated fruit crow skin or two would be a good start, maybe worth all my teth or whts left of them,lol.. Large florican. A documented USA legal unwalked on clean polar bear skin,LOL. Ok ,,but then we'd be rich and we could have all the other. Within reason what I really want is red weaver or two. But it's gotta wait. one other thing would be quality coal black dyed mallard flank, hard to find. Nice thread,, good on yuh
  12. like Mike said,, I love the peacock too, nice and smooth dressing!
  13. just waltz right in and bring down the house ! that thing is sick!!!!
  14. that's excellent John, simply excellent!
  15. , the Artist formerly known as Bud a has gonn way over here. Think about it Bud-- that fly could be your new name ( or symbol), LOL, anyway, toooo much single malt here this evening. way to go
  16. super looking mop !!!! J/K, very nice and these have all been extrordinary
  17. as Ronn said, thanks! ....GP running all the way down , I assume meaning veiled as with Toucan , above and below ? hmmmmm
  18. With a few changes, this is the recipe I used, sourced from Schmooklers website; Tag: Silver tinsel Tail: Golden pheasant crest and a pair of jungle cock feathers, back to back Body: In two equal parts. Rear half, silver tinsel veiled above and below with a pair (or two pairs) of blue chatterer, back to back. Front half, black floss Rib: Fine oval silver tinsel over flat silver tinsel; broader oval gold tinsel over black floss Hackle: A black heron's hackle (or equivalent such as blue-eared pheasant dyed black) over black floss. Throat: Speckled gallina (guinea fowl) Wing: Cinnamon or white turkey tail strips, set flat Source: T.E. Pryce-Tannatt (1914) How to Dress Salmon Flies. London: Adam and Charles Black..
  19. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Davy: Moonlight (click link for more info)
  20. wow , very nice Scott, great job on the wings, that's a very tough thing for some of us (me). You did a marvelous job of matchin those up.
  21. WOW!!! DOuble WOW !! that is superb Davie, luv that rear hackle too. This is just extraordinary! & Huge !
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