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  1. Well, it's official, I will be the lead of the FlyFishing department at the new Cabelas that is opening in Nanaimo BC Canada. For those who want to know, here are the official Grand opening dates. -Family and Friends night , Monday September 8th -Contractor night , Tuesday September 9th -VIP Night, Wednesday September 10th -Grand opening to the public,Thursday September 11th. Hope to see ya there. Rick Passek
  2. Another on i tied up last night, I tied up 12 of these babies last night. Rick
  3. I use them mainly for Winter Steelhead, but have had some success with Summer runs as well. The size of these are about 4" long, and no, I do not use anything to get the curve, it's all in the selection of the feathers as well as making sure you tie them in with the "Curve" down to conform to the pattern shape. Rick
  4. OK, I will start slow with the recipes. The first one (The Blue one) Main Hook- Mustad R79-94720 (2XH/9XL) Trailer hook- Octopus size 2 Wire for trailer- RIO Knotable Wire (30lb) Ball at tail & Head- Silver Doctor Blue Sparkle Dubbing (To Form a dubbing ball) In front of balls- Silver Doctor Blue Fox Tail Body- Large Holographic Tinsel (Silver) Long fibres- Black and Silver Doctor Blue Ostrich or Rhea Flash- Silver Doctor Blue Crinkle Flash Head- Small Hour Glass Eyes 3/16 (Silver) Head- Silver Doctor Blue Sparkle Dubbing A Few tips; -Make sure to use GOOD quality Ostrich or Rhea (Nice thin fibres) -Tie in the Fox Tail by using a Dubbing loop -Make sure to keep this fly sparse, and more blue than Black. If you can find Aluminium eyes, use them over the Brass ones. Hope that helps. Rick
  5. Just thought I would Share some of my latest Intruders for Steelhead and Bull Trout here in BC, Canada. This First fly was thought up by Gary Elgear of riverside Fly & Tackle in PoCo, BC. I have done a few modifications to it, he calls the fly the "Happy Ending" or the "Whorehouse", I call mine with the modifications "The Penetrator" The Second Intruder is also a Steelhead fly, I call it "The Pink Lady" The Last one is a fly that I have done VERY well on when chasing Bull Trout on some of the local Flows here in BC, Canada. I Call it "The Kermitroid" Here is a variation of the "Kermitroid" for dirty water situations. Hope you like them, if anyone wants a recipe, let me know I would be happy to post them. Rick
  6. LakeLand Fly Tying out of Great Britain. Great product, Great Prices, and FAST delivery. Rick
  7. Nor Vise at home, Dyna King Barracuda for travel. Rick
  8. Salmon/Steelhead Spey style flies, Moal Leeches, and Intruders for Salmon/Steelhead are my fav's to tie b y far. Rick
  9. Looks to me like it is custom or modified, the head (Jaws) is a chuck from a drill. Rick
  10. The first one looks alot like "The Minkie" AWESOME fly when fished with a fast sinking line and a fast retrieve. Rick
  11. Nice!!!!, I know what I will be tying soon. Rick
  12. Some of the flies I do strip one side, some I don't it depends on the thickness that I am trying to achieve. Rick
  13. Here are few new patterns I have been playing with. I have been playing around with Spey Hackle, Guinea Fowl, Teal Flank, Mallard, and in a few of these, Palmer Chenille. I finally found some Rea, Ostrich and Polar Bear that I found to be good enough, some I will start tying some intruder patterns soon and post them when I get some looking like I want them to. Hope you guys like them. Rick Passek
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