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  1. How about adding classic dry flies(maybe even classic nymphs) in with the Classic Streamer and Wet Fly Tying Forum? :dunno:
  2. The Bird of Paradise for the underwing reminds me of something. A month ago or so, Harold asked how much he should pay for a peacock skin. You replied something to the effect that the bird was too beautiful to be killed just for it's feathers. I kind of rolled my eyes at your reply. The reason being is I've been hunting and fishing most of my life and I've killed many things for their meat, their fur, their feathers, or a combination of the 3. I've always felt that if you killed something for "purpose" then that animal's death is just. Well the point of all this is I was watching one of the episodes of the "Planet Earth" mini-series on the Discovery channel and they show the mating rituals of 2 species of Bird of Paradise. Till then I'd never seen these birds before and their beauty really blew me away. I thought about it and I doubt I could kill one of them for their feathers. No fly could do their beauty justice. Then here we have another Guidry masterpiece and I think you have done one of the planet's most beautiful bird's beauty justice. :headbang: It's all kinda ironic, huh?
  3. In my opinion Okay, you came up with a fly that works well where you fish. That's awesome. It's easy to get caught up in the hope that you've created the next Adams. The first thing I would do is tie a few and send them to reputable (the more reputable the better)guys to field test them for you and give you some feedback on it. You never know, maybe a material on the fly doesn't have enough movement, etc. That's the kind of feedback you'll get and 6 months down the road your fly may have evolved a little more. Or maybe when fished by people without a biased opinion you'll find your fly isn't what you thought it was. Maybe for some reason it doesn't work very well in other geographic areas. Or you may find that your fly has already been invented and you didn't even know it. In the long run you and your fly will be better for it. I wouldn't bother patenting it, I think people who patent flies are silly. But getting it published is a good idea if you want to have the credit for it's design. Only problem with that is once your pattern is out there, anyone can tie it. Including the "big money". But again, flies that work well for panfish are pretty easy to come by. Keep contacting editors, if that doesn't work out contact Al Beatty([email protected]). He writes a column in Fly Fish America that showcases flies such as yours. Another option is to contact writers. Some(actually all) fly fishing mags give preference to writers who already have their name out there. And writers are always looking for something to write about.
  4. Yeah I agree 200%, it should come with the arm in the first place
  5. That's sweet man :headbang:
  6. Thank you! Okay, so are you holding the slices "side-by-side", and letting the step where you squeeze them force them to "fan" upwards? I love the look of these wings. I'd really like to get this technique down so I can use it on my fishing flies for this falls salmon run. EDIT: One other question, how do you keep the barbs from each "slice" from marrying to each other?
  7. You're not getting off that easy Matt, just so everyone knows, Matt was harder on my flies than even the dreaded Dave Carne I think you guys make a good team, what you guys are doing behind the scenes, wether homo or hetero doesn't matter to me :hyst:
  8. Thanks for all the nice remarks. :cheers: I think the biggest thing I learned from this first part of the CSS is to be more patient before posting my flies. I'm usually all pumped up to share whatever it is I've tied and in my rush I'll miss things I could have fixed and kick myself in the butt for it later. Yet it's kind of a catch 22 cause the more time that passes after tying something, the more any errors I made will bother me to the point that I didn't want to post them at all. If I didn't have to post them, I wouldn't have. After the pic was taken I brushed out the wing on the bottom one, just to see why you needed to brush the wings before mounting. It was actually a pain in the butt trying it after the wing was already on, cause the wing kept trying to remarry itself I tested the strength of the gut and I think it will hold for a fish or two so I'm gonna stick it in my Bass box. Something else I'd really like to do is start tying full dressed flies to actually fish for salmon with. I've been planning a box of speys and nice hairwings anyways, but now I think a box of full dressed featherwings would be pretty fun to fill and fish with. I give all of the "nice" flies I tie away anyways so why not give a few to the trees Another thing I learned is that flollowing the "rules" will make me a better tyer wether I like it or not.(I don't ) :hyst: You, Dave, and Charles were very helpful and I really appreciate your email critiques. I'm really looking forward to the Spey lessons coming up, and to being a pain in the butt
  9. Kori looks awesome when you use it for biot body nymphs and dry flies
  10. Oh yeah, pay no attention to that crease in the wing on the bottom one :innocent:
  11. Looks like you're off to a great start on that underbody Harold. I make mine the same as Bud does(not with such great results though). Make sure you keep your thread flat. Also after each new layer I'll burnish to keep it smooth. It's a lot easier to have a smooth floss(or wool) body when your underbody is already smooth. Looks like you only need a couple more layers on that front part of the body. Be careful though that you don't have too sharp of a taper coming down to the head though. Remember too that the fly Bud was tying when he did that tutorial wasn't what we are tying for the seminar. Look at Long's underbody in the CSS literature and try and use Bud's technique to get that shape.
  12. It think he means you have your GP Tail and Peacock mixed up
  13. My butts look like crap, but they really look like crap when I use less than 4 pieces of herl
  14. My first is the top one. You can see I trimmed just a little bit off the tips of the GP Tail in the wing since they wouldn't marry together. That was from the best portion of the GP Matt sent so Charles suggested I give the GP Tail a Woolite bath before building the next wing so I did and it didn't come out any better. So instead of using the dark Turkey as a Bustard sub, I used real Bustard, then used the dark Turkey as a GP Tail sub. Check out the up-curving JC on the top fly, talk about kicking yourself in the butt So here they are! I see one of the GP Tippet fibers is out of place. I think that happened when I layed the fly down though cause they looked good beforehand.
  15. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by Alex C.: Alex C./Red Rover/CSS
  16. Nice job, I think overall it looks pretty good. You really did a great job on the ostrich :headbang: The head looks just a teeny weeny bit big in relation to the body, but looks great nonetheless, and the body has a nice taper to it. Also looks like you showed that GP tail who's boss. :headbang: The things that stand out at me that could be improved are -the topping could have stayed closer to the wing a little longer -the tag has no taper(is that one of those personal preference things?) -From the Red Turkey up on the wing looks a little long compared to the wing from the dark Turkey down, but that might just be an optical illusion from the spot on the wing tips coming unmarried between the red turkey and the dark turkey -that one stray barb on the tail -the JC seems a little long to my eye, but I think you're still within tolerance
  17. Man, if these are your first two I can't wait to see what you'll be tying in the future :headbang: Looking at the first one, the areas I see room for improvement are -at first I wanted to say the tail seems a little too short, and the wing is too high. But the overall shape of the wing looks pretty good versus the hook so I'm scratching my head Maybe cause I like flies that are a little top-heavy :dunno: -the wing looks like it's just a smidge too far forward in relation to the front of the throat -the JC seems a little low, but I think that's partly due to the wing being a little high -I don't know if it's another one of those personal preference things but to my eye, it looks weird that the last wrap of ribbing isn't closer to the back edge of the throat -the ostrich is a little sloppy -the tips on the GP tippets look a little out of alignment with one another The second looks much better, I find myself wanting to take the wing from the second and mount it on the body of the first though -the front edge of the wing is out in front of the front edge of the collar -the body doesn't appear to have much taper -the tag is just a little too far forward(just a little) -the tips of the wing are a little low in relation to the tips of the tail -the body hackle could use a little brushing Take all these with a grain of salt, I'm just a beginner too
  18. Love the name change! :headbang: Looks like all the bases are covered(except realistic :ripped: ) and I'll be pre-ordering ASAP! :yahoo:
  19. Nice job! Also good job on your critique. The big one that sticks out at me is the wing shape, however guys seem to post a lot of flies with that wing shape, so maybe since it looks pretty much the same on both flies that's just your style :dunno: That GP tail is a son of a gun isn't it :cursing: You'll see when I post my flies tonight, but the tips on one side of the GP I recieved weren't married and wouldn't marry to each other. I mentioned it to the mentors and Charles gave me the instructions for a Woolite bath so I tried that and still no luck. It married great to the Turkey though That stuff was put on this earth to drive men mad.
  20. I'm no expert but for your head something that has helped me is to do what the seminar instructions said about cutting each barb at a time, starting at the back of the head and working your way forward to make the "head underbody", then what I do is take a razor blade and "smooth it out", kinda like shaping a spun deer hair bass bug. Then cover it with thread and paint it purty. I'd like to pick up a cauterizer one of these days and give that a try, but am still a little reluctant after seeing Daly's fly that caught fire a while back Like I said, I'm no expert but here's a few things I noticed you could improve, some might just be the camera angle, others I could be off base on, but here's my .01 cent, feel free to tear mine apart when I post them tonight -Crest is sitting a little too high -alignment of wing tips -that bottom strand of the GP tippet hanging down -body hackle seems just a little too perpendicular to the shank(camera angle?) -might be the camera angle too, but the throat looks like it's bulk is all on the near side of the hook -the tail seems just a wee bit short(might just be me) -it might look better if you took one more turn with the ostrich herl -the spacing between the 4th and 5th wrap on the ribbing seems a little too far apart -that little black thread sticking out of the head With all that said, I think you did a hell of a job for your first ones though :headbang:
  21. I think it would work great :headbang:
  22. That's beautiful Bud :headbang: Great photo too, that background really sets it off
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